Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009 - This Week's 'Moment of Gratitude' AND Two super giveaways!

Ascending Butterfly Weekly Moment of Gratitude

NOTE: On Sunday, 'Today's Moment of Inspiration' becomes the weekly 'Moment of Gratitude'. While I do still live in Gratitude each and everyday, I decided to change this feature to a weekly to allow a 'full week' of Inspirational messages and breathing meditations. 'Today's Butterfly' will remain a daily and will post with the Today's Inspiration Monday through Saturday, and will post with the Weekly Gratitude on Sunday.

This week, I am grateful for:

1) Getting Ascending Butterfly ready to launch a new feature. Thanks to a wonderful Author, our new Book club feature will launch in August with an Autographed copy going to one lucky Ascending Butterfly reader. I'm filled with gratitude to be able to share this book with everyone!

2) For many opportunities to re-visit the past which have presented themselves this month. I have re-connected with a lot of people in July and this trend continued this week! Sometimes you have to think back on where you have been, and who you were to get a better idea of where you want to be in the future and who you are now!

3) For our wonderful sponsors this July, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry and Tres Sleek who launched a new product, and announced it here with us. They even gave us the opportunity to offer Ascending Butterfly readers a chance at winning something from the NEW line, how cool is that?

So readers, what are YOU grateful for this week? Think about it, and take some time to share your gratitude! I'd love to hear your stories!


Today's Butterfly - Featured Sites of the Day

1. Enter to win a lovely Butterfly Kisses Lariat Necklace sponsored by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry HERE! (You may also press on the picture to be taken directly to the giveaway!)

2. Enter to win NEWLY Launched arm shapewear sponsored by Très Sleek HERE! (You may also press on the logo below to be taken directly to the giveaway!)


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