Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am a Minerals Virgin No More!

I knew that title would catch your eye! Now that we have established your desire for evening titillation is strong . . .

I was approached with the opportunity to try Mineral Makeup for the first time and I will admit I was quite reticent about it. I'm not the biggest makeup person, I have a pretty streamline daily routine, but on certain occassions where I know I need to be my most 'photo ready' self, I will usually go for my tried and true favorite liquid foundation coverage.  I always thought mineral makeup would add more time to my routine.  More time? Who has that?? (not me!)

The good folks at Tiara Minerals knew something I didn't, that mineral makeup doesn't have to be complicated and is very good for your skin. They challenged me to try something new and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have done so.

I spread everything out on my bureau and will admit I felt like a little girl again raiding mom's makeup! (Hope you are not reading this mom!) The colors were amazing! Then a brief moment of worry crossed my thoughts. Latina skin tends to be difficult to match foundation for as many a countless beauty counter makeover debacle will attest to. Most brands tend to make our skin appear very yellow, and that's the last thing you want, especially during a moment where photo opps are possible.

I decided I'd try it all out first for a brief run around the neighborhood for errrands. Hopefully no paparazzi at the bank or supermarket right? LOL

I first went to buy a Lotto ticket (you have to be in it to win it right, scoff if you'd like, but that mega millions is MINE all mine I tell you) and the folks behind the counter all remarked I looked nice today. I smiled a knowing smile and was off to my next errand. My favorite teller at the bank asked if I cut my hair, LOL, again I smiled a knowing smile and was off to the supermarket. Everyone knew something was different, and everyone LIKED it! FANTASTIC!

Then I decided Tiara Minerals would get it's next test. The Real Test. A New York City event in a cramped venue, with way too many people and not enough air conditioning. I'm pleasantly surprised to report that the entire line held up to the biggest test a woman can give her makeup, the SWEAT test! Tiara Minerals passed again. They passed the two biggest tests I have with makeup, will it stand up to sweating, and will it yellow me out?

Now it's time to share what I tried:

Tiara Minerals UnderEye Concealer
Tiara Minerals Summer Concealer
Tiara Minerals Natural Concealer
Tiara Minerals Beige Foundation - see photo above post
Tiara Minerals Warm Beige Foundation- see photo above post
Tiara Minerals Silk Mineral Veil
Tiara Minerals Blushing Rose Blush
Tiara Minerals Blackberry Passion Wine Shadow and Liner Set - pictured immediately above

I can't speak highly enough about the quality, the colors, the service and lasting wear of these products. I highly recommend Tiara Minerals, 5 Natural Ingredients, eco friendly packaging, it doesn't get better. I wasn't able to get a giveaway for us today, but hopefully will have the opportunity to work with Tiara Minerals again in the future to host a giveaway here with Ascending Butterfly.

Tiara Minerals can also be found on Facebook HERE

They offer a Monthly Sample Subscription I highly recommend:

Receive 10 Sample Baggies Every Month for only $12.95! (Blushes, Shadows & Liners)

This gives you the chance to play with a wide variety of colors and then pinpoint which ones you love the most so you can get those in a full size once you run out.

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