Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's Words of Inspiration: Eat Pray Love

I broke my own strict rule, I went to see a movie on Opening Weekend, it's something I avoid doing. The long lines, over-crowded theater, someone kicking the back of my chair for two hours and bringing out my dormant inner psycho! (Yes, even motivational writers lose their patience when being kicked in the back for 2 hours straight!)

Another broken rule, seeing the movie without having read the book. I went to see Eat Pray Love over the weekend. It was a girl's night out and I caught up with friends I literally haven't seen since High School. Because I didn't read the book, I didn't fully know what to expect, and for once, I was very happy with the idea, deciding to let go and fully enjoy the journey, take the movie for what it is, not what the book said it would be, or the critics or anyone else for that matter.

I will admit catching up with old friends made the movie that much better, (and the rainy night meant the theater wasn't over crowded and there was oddly NO line to buy the tickets since we arrived right before it was about to start!) but it was a post I saw on Facebook this weekend that sparked me to write about this movie. The post generated comments that were equally divided down the middle and and really made me think!

I find most movies tend to be over-analyzed. I don't want to do that, but I love being a part of or sparking conversations that make me think or make others change their perspective. The conversation that generated so much intense conversation was a male perspective on the actions of Julia Roberts character Liz Gilbert. What do you think of how Liz handled the relationships in her life? Did you relate to her? Not relate to her? If so why, or why not? Do you think at the end of it all, the journey she took to self was the right one? The male vs female perspective and opinions seem to vary widely.

No spoilers here, but on a very fundamental level, I don't think that there is anyone out there, and this is very much regardless of their age, that hasn't found themself wondering 'Is this all there is?' - That point where you realize if you take away work, or the relationship, or the kids, or the studies, the THING you do, Who are YOU?

The thing that you rattle off when asked what you do is NOT, and I repeat not, WHO you are. But when you scratch away the 'what' you do, do you know 'WHO' you are?

I don't think a three word 'mantra' can sum anyone up. Is it a great idea for meditations, absolutely, those should be short and sweet. Can you sum up your motto, your mantra, who you are effectively in three words? (Don't worry this isn't a job interview, I'm not judging your answers so don't pick the ones you think others want to see, pick the words that resonate with you personally, profoundly and fundamentally).

I have the strange feeling based on some of the reactions I've been privy to, that regardless of whether or not the person read the book, people seemed to go into this movie expecting a 'magical answer', and so with a movie that was very much over-hyped, and the expectations that life's greatest secret to happiness would be revealed, it doesn't surprise me that many people feel it 'lacked something' they just didn't know 'what'. It was 'anti-climatic' for many people based on very false expectations. I personally, went into it already knowing that the journey we take is the answer. The entire sum total of it! As human beings we are wrapped up in our present so much so that we forget that the journey is WAY more than the particular phase of it we are in. We don't stop and enjoy the 'now' enough and then find ourselves sometimes feeling like an 'outsider' in our own lives. When the resentments, frustrations and fears become too much to take, some people feel that drastic change in the answer!

My favorite scene is when Liz is told during her travels in Rome, that Americans experience 'satisfaction' but not 'pleasure'. And I laughed at much of the grumbling around me. It's true, we work hard, but tend to feel like life requires us to 'earn' our breaks, and even while on vacation we are rarely 'dis-connected' from our electronic feeding tubes. If you are not engrossed in a moment, you are not truly experiencing it. You are not deriving pleasure from it. The universe doesn't want us to 'earn' every pleasure, just know we deserve it, and be grateful for each experience we receive. Allow yourself the freedom to experience pleasure fully. The pleasure you are in right NOW, not the next one, the next one is not guaranteed to you so enjoy this one! Ask yourself, are you experiencing merely satisfaction in your life, or are you truly experiencing pleasure?

Use 'Today's Words of Inspiration' as a breathing meditation to still your mind, quiet your thoughts and bring in positive energy. As you inhale bring in only positive energy by saying in your mind, I breathe in positive energy (or you can say creative energy if that is what you wish to create more of) and as you exhale, Affirm out loud today 'I will disconnect from my 'electronic feeding tube' and actually enjoy a real moment!' (and butterflies, don't just speak it today, DO IT).

Spend some time each day enjoying focused breathing AND soul guided meditative visualization, in doing so, you can bring about profound and powerful changes in your life.

Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by universal forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Do this at least twice today and see how by taking a moment away from the hectic pace and breathing in positive energy and affirming what you wish to create, your thinking will become different.

Remember, attitude really does determine altitude.

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Make this your best day ever, Bless and Be Blessed!

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FTC Disclosure: I went to see Eat Pray Love on my own, I was not provided with tickets, screening passes or any other incentive. I was not asked to provide a review nor was I compensated for it. My experience with this movie is solely my own opinion.


  1. I have not seen this movie or read the book, but I have seen the trailer and read a little bit about the plot. I have to say, the concept raised my hackles a bit. I don't know what the author's financial situation was when she took her year off to go find herself. Maybe it was a leap of faith and she quit a steady job and spent every last penny taking this trip, and I'm judging her unfairly. Most of us, though, have obligations. We have mortgages and families. If we leave our jobs for a year, we probably won't have a job to come back to, and then what? Lucky for this lady, she got a bestselling novel and a movie deal out of it.

    You are right that Americans feel like we have to earn our vacations and even work through them. A lot of us can't completely relax because we know that a pile of work will be waiting for us when we get back. Sometimes I have thought that it would be nice to scale down and get a part-time job instead of working 40+ hours a week, but I'm still not going to be taking any nice vacations when I'm earning just enough to survive. And I admit, I do like having things.

    Americans do work longer hours and more days per year than many of our European counterparts. Unfortunately, I don't see any way around it the way things are right now. I do work to live, though, I don't live to work, and tomorrow I will buy a lottery ticket for my chance at financial security and the opportunity to enjoy life stress-free.

  2. Auriette

    Thanks for commenting, I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas and viewpoints with everyone about this movie.

    Her financial situation when she goes off to embark on this journey, this journey of finding something, to just 'marvel' at was not in a good place because of the divorce. It was as you aptly described it, very much a 'leap of faith' on her part. And yes, her sacrificing some in some areas of her personal life to push forward in her career, did give her a best seller to eventually fall back on. but it could have flopped and financially set her back, but she now had a real story, not just the one to tell for pay, but of her life. There was now meaning in the direction......

    The knowledge that she should experience pleasure and savor it.

    Balancing the need to chase down financial security and yet still lead a stress free life is not easy. That's our road. We can choose to fill it with as much work as possible, but during those last days, you are not going to sit around thinking, wow I wish I would have worked more.

    It will probably sound more like, 'Wow, I wish I would have taken that trip to (insert your bucket list #1 top destination choice here!) Mine would include Hawaii, Rome, Bali, Egypt, Alaska and many others.

    Do I agree with the way Liz (Julia's character) destroyed her relationships, particularly her marriage, no I don't! But I do think the need to marvel at something, to be a part of something that changes your perspective on yourself, your life, your path, your spirituality is a strong one that motivates the spirit to action. Monotony, dis-satisfication, 'this is all there is?' questions are your soul sending you a big giant hint it needs change, immediate change, to grow.

    A powerball, mega millions, lotto or sweet millions lottery ticket sounds like a great idea to me! If you win, you are taking me to Hawaii, If I win, where I am taking You? You Pick! :-)