Thursday, October 14, 2010

Todays Words of Inspiration - Who is going to rescue YOU?

Photo Credit: Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

With the recent happy news of the Chilean Miners being rescued at last, I thought it would be a great time to explore our own deep caves.

I swear I could almost hear a collective and universal sigh of relief each time a miner was brought to the surface. With sunglasses to shield their eyes from the sun because they were in darkness for so long.

Are you in a cave of your own doing right now? Are you in darkness? While you may not be thousands of feet below the earth, if you are currently mired in darkness spiritually, it's almost as if you were in a real cave.

Who is going to rescue YOU?

The miners survived, and their story of triumph touches a cord. So many prayers in unison concentrated for one cause brought amazing results.

We can apply that lesson to our own lives. They endured just about 70 days in darkness away from those they love, separated from the things in their lives that brought them joy and comfort, was it easy? NO, I'm sure it wasn't, but they focused their collective mindset on the outcome they wanted, rescue, escape, FREEDOM. And eventually it came.

Are you in need of rescue? With a mixture of Faith, Perseverance and tremendous effort, it will come. Put yourself in the mindset that sees only the outcome you want for yourself, and will it to happen.

Use 'Today's Words of Inspiration' as a breathing meditation to still your mind, quiet your thoughts and bring in positive energy. As you inhale bring in only positive energy by saying in your mind, I breathe in positive energy (or you can say creative energy if that is what you wish to create more of) and as you exhale, Affirm out loud today 'I will see the outcome today in every area of my life that I wish to bring to reality!'

Spend some time each day enjoying focused breathing AND soul guided meditative visualization, in doing so, you can bring about profound and powerful changes in your life.

Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by universal forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Do this at least twice today and see how by taking a moment away from the hectic pace and breathing in positive energy and affirming what you wish to create, your thinking will become different.

Remember, attitude really does determine altitude.

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  1. First thank god for the miners rescue,but even more important the way they banded together to help each other and keep there sanity!They could have fought and shown greed and let there fear destroy them instead the came together to keep each save and well ,what a great lesson to all.
    NO matter what darkness surrounds you: have faith and fill yor life with strong loving people that build you up!!!