Friday, February 25, 2011

Rune of Romance Necklace Review

  Rune of Romance Necklace

In December, we worked with Energy Muse to bring you the Rune of 'Riches' Necklace see review HERE. For Valentine's Day I was sent the Rune of 'Romance' Necklace and as a single girl in the city, I have to admit I was bit curious to see if this one would work the same magic in my life as the Rune of Riches! I immediately put it on, saged it (I do this with all gemstone jewelry), set my intention, said the included affirmation and even added a few of my own. The weather was awful the day the necklace arrived, and I had stayed indoors the entire day and worked mostly from home.

The Day of it's Debut in New York City!

I finally had a chance to wear my new necklace and during New York Fashion Week No Less! With the awfully cold weather it was mostly under my coat and I wondered if I would experience the same results if the necklace wasn't as clearly visible.

I didn't have very long to wonder how well it would work! I was on the subway when a man sitting in front of me tried to strike up a conversation out of the blue! This rarely ever happens to me! Most of my subway conversations with strangers on trains are usually about the garbled announcement, or why is the train not moving?

During back to back events that day I found people 'friendlier', just more 'welcoming' somehow. 

After a super long day when I was finally on my way home, I realized I had no energy to cook but was starving, so I decided to pick up some fast food. As I was walking from the restaurant toward home, I saw someone coming toward me in the opposite direction. I had a feeling he was going to say something to me, but I wasn't very sure what. And I will admit as a born and raised New Yorker I was slightly expecting a dis-respectful catcall. And when he approached me, he completely took me in with his eyes (I must admit this was a bit off-putting!), and then just said 'Gorgeous' and turned beet red and walked away! He seemed more taken aback by it all than I was!

It was absolutely flattering to receive such a sincere compliment, and seeing a grown man turn as bashful as a kid was a fun bonus! He actually walked away before I could even answer!

I have found much like with the Rune of Riches people are very attracted to this necklace when I wear it. Maybe they can 'feel' the positive intentions I've set, and anything we are vibrationally aligned to is that much more powerful!

While I have not completed the full 21 day cycle of saying the included affirmations with this necklace, I have already noticed more people 'drawn' to me. I find during networking events I'm way less nervous, and I have noticed more attention when I am wearing this necklace, will 2011 finally be the year cupid gets me?

That, dear Butterflies, remains to be seen! J

I do want to thank Energy Muse for letting me try this fabulous necklace out, and if I meet the love of my life this year, you guys will definitely get an invite to the wedding!

We hope to have Energy Muse return with something special for You in May!

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FTC Disclosure Info: This is not a compensated post. I was provided a necklace to facilitate my review, my experiences and opinions regarding this necklace are solely my own.

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