Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas in July with @Storkie Express!

I have had pen-pals since elementary school, I remember being very nervous when the teacher described the pen-pal program, while we were never obligated to participate, she was my favorite teacher and since she thought it was a neat idea, I couldn't help but try it.

Thankfully the other school had to 'go first' (because I'm not sure I would have known how to start or what to say). I got a letter from a girl my age, we had so much in common and some major differences too, but we both loved stationery and stickers, and even after the school participation part was over, we remained in touch.

To this day it's still a love of mine, I'm a stationery hound (still collect stickers, but shhhh, let's keep that our little secret), and like kids in a candy store, I can 'browse' in a Hallmark store all day (to the point where I kinda creeped out management, until they realized I had a better idea of their stock and trends then they did and then they'd offer me jobs! This also happened to me visiting massage chairs at my local (to the office) Brookstone Store, but that's a story for another post!).

Stationery is the one thing where I've experienced great trepidation about going digital, like photography purists who hate digital cameras, I love *touching* my stationery and paper and stickers! But my schedule doesn't exactly afford me the luxury of just browsing in stationery stores anymore, and as my Christmas Card List just keeps growing, and is an even mixture of clients and personal, I've been slowly embracing the idea of going digital with it. So this year, I'm thinking Christmas in July because I like to order my cards early. (yes I know there are services now that mail the cards for you, but who will put my favorite cute stickers on the envelopes?)

Finding ways to mix things up with my pen friends since elementary school is NOT an easy task! But I have a funny feeling I'll be ahead of the curve this year, with a great online discovery, Storkie (now here is where I invite you to read carefully, this has nothing to do with babies, so don't go getting my mom excited please, I'm no where near ready to make her a grandma!). sells custom party invitations, save the date cards, holiday cards, photo Christmas cards and my personal favorite CUSTOM CANDY!

Before I delve into Christmas options, I just couldn't resist sharing this photo:

Tri-Fold Off-White Shimmer Card with Butterfly Closure

This card has a matching Butterfly Personalized Cookie that I am in LOVE with! I love the idea of ordering the Butterfly Personalized Cookies as corporate gifts and presenting them in a tin that can be re-purposed after the cookies are gone! And while storkies is listing these as ideas for a birth announcement, invitation or baptism customization, you can have them say anything you want, making them perfect for any reason and any season!

But for those Christmas purists who don't think of butterflies when they think of Christmas like I do, check out their holiday tab to see some neat holiday card ideas (my personal favorite is the Christmas invites with high heel shoes!).

If you are looking for a jump start on your holidays this year, I'd highly recommend trying, I'd definitely love to have them host a review and giveaway with Ascending Butterfly soon, and if you would too, feel free to let them know by posting on their facebook wall (you can post right on the the thread I post to their wall sharing this article so we don't flood their page) or by sending them a tweet!

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