Friday, December 2, 2011

{Inspiration} This is what I Choose - What do you choose?

TGIF Butterflies!

While I love our annual holidays buying guide, I needed a giveaway free day today. Unfortunately new members that come in during the holidays think this is solely a product review blog, so I thought a day where we go back to our empowerment and inspirational roots was in order. We have one very simple mission statement: To Inspire, and Be Inspired. While that sometimes comes in the form of people, places, things, events, causes or travels that inspire me, it's also finding ways to make my day better, by using tools such as breathing affirmations or meditations, and even being physical, like going for a walk, excercising or trying Yoga. 

I saw this graphic posted last night on Facebook, and immediately re-shared it as a status update but I realize we have different followers across different channels, and wanted to be sure to share this here for those that don't follow on Facebook.

You can live out loud, on your terms, by your rules! You can be selective, that doesn't necessarily make you picky. You can be firm and stand your ground, that doesn't mean you are inflexible.

We are rapidly approaching a new year, are you ready for it? What do you want from 2012? What do you want from yourself? What do YOU choose in this New Year?

Whatever you decide you want your year to be, make it happen your way, on your terms! And if you need some extra encouragement, share your goals here, you'd be surprised at just how many other readers share your goals, we can support each other!

Some of my goals for the new year include keeping up with my weight loss and amping up my physical activity, I want to do some more traveling as I didn't get away very much this year and definitely regret it, and I have a few professional changes I'd like to make as well.

We will resume the holidays buying guide this weekend as my goal is to give you enough time to put in entries and still get all items before the holidays, but I just thought a day to focus on what really matters was in order! :)

P.S. We have a few giveaways that will be closed out and processed this weekend, winners list coming soon!

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  1. I love that graphic! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my site this weekend from the hop!

  2. @Nancy - It's all logical for sure, just nice to see it in a new way sometimes!

    @Mommy With Selective Memory - So do I! Glad to be able to host the hop this time around! Good to meet you, albeit virtually ;)

    ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ