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♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Event Recap Coverage, NOT compensated ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 

Happy Holidays Butterflies!

Wishing all butterflies a very magical day today, I hope you were nice and Santa brought you just what you wanted!

Remember that un-boxing video that I posted via Social Media promising a full recap of BabbleBoxx's Epic Holiday Party? Well here it is! BabbleBoxx as you probably guessed if you are not already a member yourself provides products to influencers and bloggers to share the product love on their channels or blog. I am relatively new and only recently joined, so I was stoked to be invited to the holiday party considering I haven't reviewed my first box yet!

Here are the brands I met at the Bash in mostly alphabetical order (at least my attempt at it with Christmas brain):

#BabbleboxxHoliday @23andme BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: This shot was provided by BabbleBoxx, I did so much talking with the rep from 23andMe that I forgot to nab a shot. I can't wait to try this out and as a science nerd I would love to try out the Health part of the services they offer as well. My understanding is you start with the ancestry kit and can upgrade to a health report for an additional fee. Will share more once I have tried it and have my results, hopefully they will come back and do something fun just for you butterflies.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @AQUACarpaticaUS BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Us busy New York City Editors have got to stay hydrated and I wasn't passing up on the chance to try "Nature's Most Perfect Water", pretty bold right? The Natural Sparkling Water is Nitrate Free, Sodium Free, Natural Electrolytes, Rich in Bicarbonates and stimulates metabolism, while the Natural Spring Water is Naturally Alkaline ph8,2 and also touts itself as being best for Prenatal and Newborn Care, that is a lot of benefits in a simple bottle of water my friends!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @algenist BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: As much beauty as I review, I must be living under a Beauty Rock, because folks were going nuts for Algenist! I haven't tried them before this event, but did like the feel of the products I played with during the holiday party and am looking forward to trying out my sample of the Genius Liquid Collagen - they use sea algae in their products so I am hoping that the results will be something akin to what I experience with La Mer, you know without the budget busting price tag! One La Mer product = ramen for month as a single gal in the city with no room-mate, Algenist I can swing!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @BadgleyMischka BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: You may remember that Badgley Mischka was in the un-boxing video I sent out, here is a closeup of some blinged out shoes. They were hosting a raffle and a ton of folks I know won, guess who was NOT so lucky. Can't win em all, but who doesn't want blinged out shoes? Can I get an Amen Ladies?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @cinzanoofficial BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: The folks at Cinzano are magicians I tell you! They can take an $11 bottle of Prosecco and make it taste like a $60 bottle of Prosecco. I'm not sure how they do it, but their Prosecco is fab and I will be featuring here again for New Year's Eve so stay tuned! Can you believe it's almost 2018 already? Pick up some Cinzano Prosecco to ring in your New Year with something sparkling!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @EarthFootwear BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: I was SO STOKED to see one of my favorite footwear brands in attendance, Earth Footwear who are no stranger to my feet and to these pages (Prance Boots (the giveaway is CLOSED, Talera ShoesVeria Shoes) came strong with the Raleigh Boots pictured above which I instantly fell in love with and now they are sold out. THE TORTURE!!!! I must have these particular boots in my life! They are just so me and they are waterproof which I need for the winter!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Edible BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I finally got to try Edible Arrangements, YUM! I can't believe I hadn't tried them yet. I did attend a conference years ago with their marketing director, but they were attendees of the conference, not exhibitors. Glad I got the chance to finally try them out and also hope they will come back and do something fun!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @EdibleSelfie BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Have you ever seen a prettier COOKIE? Yes that is me drinking my Cinzano Prosecco and the clever folks at Selffee have taken event photo booths to new heights by putting photos directly onto something edible. Sorry lovelies but I left it in the clear wrapper sealed to take this shot because I wanted to preserve it. Not to brag but it is a little too pretty to eat! Notice my trusty canon camera strap around my neck! My signature ponytail was totally making it presence known that night! I think I could have used a hair touch up booth.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @grandecosmetic_ BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Grande Cosmetics had a great assortment of ready to gift options, their lip kits are the business!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday Sponsors List BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

The folks at provided one of the most unique booth experiences I have had at an event so far! Palm Reading? Nope. Tarot Card Reader? Nope. Tired of guessing? Attendees got a "Lips" reading. They provided a lovely universal red lipstick and then we pressed our lip impressions onto a paper and got a lip reading! My lip reader said that I am super inquisitive and have a strong ability to get to the bottom of things and that I am a natural writer who loves to express myself and my voice through writing. Who knows maybe that novel is in me somewhere waiting to get out! I have never tried a dating service before not on or offline. I have never even tried speed dating before.

I have always described myself as blissfully single. Who knows maybe someone will sweep this butterfly off her feet this year. Do you think the future Mr. Butterfly is waiting for me on Match?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017Holiday Party 2017

Above: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream was a very tasty surprise! They surround premium ice cream in a soft gooey dough and they are different from anything I have ever tasted!

See that ball back there? They were taking Holiday Wishes you got to pick someone you would like to surprise with the gift of Mochi. I had to nab a close up:

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi Holiday Wishes Ball BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: There were so many sweet and heartfelt wishes, it was fun reading through a few while I sampled some of the Mochi Ice Cream Flavors

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi deflour yourself hand wipe BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Pictured Above: The Strawberry Flavor and the Cookies and Cream Flavor My/My Mochi Ice Cream Ball, I just had to get a cheeky shot with the hand wipe telling guests to 'deflour yourself"!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Perfumania BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I am using BabbleBoxx's overview shot from the Perfumania Booth, guests were invited to select a scent which they placed in the handy travel perfume atomizers that you see in the lucite display case. One of my longtime faves, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue was on display, I live for this scent year round although most people only wear it spring or summer.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Perfumania Vince Camuto Terra for Men BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: I also love wearing men's cologne, I have that chemistry that makes many of them work well for me, I liked Vince Camuto's Terra For Men so I nabbed this close up of it!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SabonNYC BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I loved SabonNYC's set up, that little tub filled with ornaments though! I am living for this idea, except mine might have ice and alcohol mixed in with the ornaments! LOL

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SabonNYC Blue Snowflake BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Isn't that snowflake just too cute?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SplashMixers BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: When it is Cocktail Time, I want to prepare them quickly so I can enjoy time with my guests, with Splash Cocktail Mixers you can do just that, add your favorite spirit, or enjoy them as is if you prefer a non-alcohol version!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @teaforte Warming Box BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I actually nabbed a similar shot but I didn't like the way mine came out, so I borrowed this one from BabbleBoxx.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @teaforte Holiday Flavors BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Now this is the highest compliment I can actually pay - I am NOT a Tea Drinker, if I am drinking tea it is normally because I have the Flu or a Cold or my throat is sore. I LOVE these. For someone who is not a tea drinker by nature to tell you they can get behind a tea, it's a very high compliment. I also love that they are invented to attach to your cup and not move all around, GENIUS! I am definitely inviting them to come back and do something fun for you butterflies, I can see why they call it "The Exceptional Tea Experience". I think the only other time I have ever enjoyed a cup of tea this much not being sick was when I visited the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco and enjoyed a full Tea Service. This was comfort in a cup!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @TheOwlsBrew BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Ever have that moment where one of you wants a Beer and the other Tea? If you have then The Owls Brew might just be the answer you have been looking for it is BEER & TEA

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @TheOwlsBrew That's My Jam BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: That's My Jam was my fave but I also really wanted that cute stuffed owl!


There were gift bag inclusions by some brands that were not in attendance like Just Fab - they offered to send us shoes and so did Earthies, which I am like a kid at Christmas waiting on. I keep stalking my UPS and Fedex Carriers!

I did get a box of love from Mochi Ice Cream and one from Cinzano, so you will see those under separate posts.

There was nothing not to like, the decor was set up by Christmas Central, all the brands were top notch and really engaged and it was plain fun!

Spill Butterflies: What is the best Holiday Party you have ever attended? Why? What is the best Holiday Party you ever hosted?

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own! This is an event recap, no compensation has been received, there was a phenomenal gift bag but this in no way influenced my opinions. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway & Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. Things that lure this butterfly out of her cocoon: Technology, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Spirits (Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco, Sake, Bourbon, Craft Brews), Foodie Fun - really I'm such a *simple girl*.

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  1. I saw where you had commented on everyone's post on FB so I had to come take a look at yours. WOW! What a party! Sounds like a dream come true! To be able to sample all those wonderful products. And free SHOES!
    :) gwingal