Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Happy Holidays Butterflies!

I attended the Media Preview Day for the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show and was blown away with how much they improved the show this year! It literally felt like a whole new show, here is my coverage from last year's show:

I took so many pictures that there is literally no way I can optimize and watermark them all before the holidays!

I did actually start the process, here are a few photos I've done so far:

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg
Above: You know I like to walk you through an event in order, check out the entrance, tres festive right? You can press on the image to see it bigger and then hit back to come back to the post!

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg, Holiday Wreath

Above: Had to do a close up on that wreath, I am actually using the RAW file of this image as my computer wallpaper right now, for the blog I use jpg format, but I always keep the RAW version of every photo I take as well.

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg, event signage
Above: Had to nab a shot of the event signage!

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg, train wall mural
Above: My Die Hard, true blue, long time butterflies, will know exactly why I took this shot! Look at the number on the train! Enlarge it and find the number actually appears twice. 

22, 222, 2222 - these numbers always appear to me daily!

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg, Macys Herald Square Flagship Store
Above: The iconic Macy's Herald Square Flagship Store is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs, dig how I captured that train even though it was in motion with very little blur?

@NYBG New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2017 #HTSnybg, Chrysler Building, Buildings reflected on water
Above: Captured another train in motion and I am loving the reflection of the buildings on the water in this shot!

There are so many more so I will get them done as time permits and post them via Pinterest, when they are ready, the word pinterest in this sentence will be clickable!


For the first time ever I am hosting a social channel only giveaway! I am hosting a Family Four Pack of Tickets to the New York Botanical Garden Train Show, but you do not enter here, you enter directly with Ascending Butterfly via Instagram!


Kids of all ages will be amazed by this show! All the buildings are made with organic material, plant life, coconut shells, and comes to life with special surprises both by day and by night.

As a single girl in the city I normally host a giveaway for the Night Only more adult oriented Version of most exhibits, but this year I really wanted to share this with all my butterflies and make this one a family friendly giveaway! So instead of The Holiday Train Show by night, this giveaway is for a family four pack instead, date will be based on availability to be determined by Sponsor.

Spill Butterflies: Have you ever been to the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show? If so, which was your favorite iconic landmark? If not, what is part of your family's favorite holiday tradition?

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  1. I've never been to that show before, but I'd love to go. I think my family would have a great time!

  2. This is an awesome giveaway for anyone that's in NYC. Good luck to all the participants. Hope the winner enjoys their time.

  3. This looks like something that would be right up our alley. We'll have to plan for visiting NY and doing this next year.

  4. I've never been to a holiday train show, but it looks like a lot of fun! I would love to go to NYC during the holidays someday!

  5. We were in NYC last year, but I've never been to the holiday train show. I would love to see it. Looks like an amazing show!