Wednesday, July 4, 2018

{#WineWednesday} Looking for a Sparkling #Wine to start your #FourthofJuly2018 with a pop of apple crisp goodness that will carry you into fall? Check out @drinksauvage

Happy Fourth of July Butterflies!

Compensated Post Sponsored By: Sauvage Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine

June was a BIG month at Ascending Butterfly, it marked the 10 year anniversary of this blog. I normally do a 'it's our birthday, you get the gifts' month of giveaways, but things got super busy so I will sprinkle some giveaway goodness into your life throughout the summer.

Something about Independence day and the expression "As American as Apple Pie" made me want to work on this post today. And while I am not presenting actual Apple Pie, I am talking about 'Apple Crisp', of a LIQUID variety.

Sauvage Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine Flat Overlay with Animal Print Wine Glasses, Sauvage, Comsi Comsa, Apple Crisp, Sparkling Wine, Kosher Wines, Gluten Free Wine

Above: Sauvage Comsi Comsa 'Apple Crisp' Sparkling Wine

You guys have no idea just how long it took to get this flat overlay shot to work, then I used Ribbet (my fave online Photo Editing Software) to get this matte effect!

For some odd reason my wine tasting experiences have leaned heavily on the international side, and when I got to cover the Tropicana Winter Wine Fest in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it was the first time I had a chance to try wines produced closer to home.

Today I am proud to share a wine that is produced in Oneonta, New York and has only TWO ingredients - apples and champagne yeast. This wine is natural, gluten-free and kosher and made with dozens of apple varieties sourced from local farms surrounding the distillery.

Sauvage's distillery and tasting room is in Oneonta, New York in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the banks of the Susquehanna River and has direct access to 24 varieties of apple's growing in the nearby region's orchards.

It is 12% alcohol by volume with an Amber-Caramel color and a 'full-bodied nose' and is that intersection where bubbly meets cider (cider is only 6% alcohol by volume, Comsi Comsa 'Apple Crisp' is 12%).

It has the refreshing taste of a crisp green apple, not a sweet, crumbly dessert, I tend to lean toward brut and dry palate wines and love that this is crisp, surprisingly full-bodied and well-balanced.

Sauvage Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine Flat Overlay with Animal Print Wine Glasses, Sauvage, Comsi Comsa, Apple Crisp, Sparkling Wine, Kosher Wines, Gluten Free Wine

Above: I was so inspired I even started exploring fun filters - this filter is called "True Vintage" and I love everything about it, I want to enlarge this one and put it in my kitchen!


Sauvage Comsi Comsa Sparkling Wine is affordable luxury at $14.99 per bottle and pairs so perfectly with cheeses that you will want to make it the star of your summer and fall. I'm a Brie Cheese lover and the pairing of this wine with Brie is literally a match made in heaven.

If an 'Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away' surely stocking my bar with Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp will help me live forever right?

So be sure to pick up a bottle to go along with your backyard barbecues and fireworks today!

Please drink responsibly butterflies, do NOT drink and drive!

Readers Sound Off: What is your favorite way to enjoy Apples?

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  1. Happy Anniversary to your blog!! This sounds very pleasant, and I'm a Brie lover too! And yes!! The vintage filter is very cool. :)

  2. First of all, happy blogiversary! Second, that sparkling wine sounds like just about the best way to celebrate. I can almost taste it.

  3. Happy 10 years on your blog! What better way to celebrate than with a good bottle of wine! That Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine sounds perfect.

  4. Congrats on the 10 year "blogiversary". I like some apples out of hand, some in pies and other desserts. I also love apple butter.

  5. Happy Happy!! I love apples cooked and in a juice. Oh, and wine too.

  6. Happy anniversary! I think this wine is very lovely. It's perfect when you're celebrating something special. Definitely worth getting!

  7. Happy blogiversary! The wine sounds super delish. I love brie too. Now, I want to have a girls night in with some cheese and wine!

  8. Wow! That is a great price point and makes sparkly wine accessible to lots of people. I could so use a glass of this right now!

  9. Annemarie LeBlancJuly 7, 2018 at 1:06 PM

    Wow. 10 years! I can only wish to be that successful as you! Wishing you all the best always.

  10. Happy blog anniversary! Wow. 10 years! That is an achievement! Thanks for sharing how you celebrated it. I would want to sample that wine too. It would be nice to have for special occasions or "just because" moments with the hubby!