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Monday, August 31, 2015

Did you miss the @BoyzIIMen Concert & @NickCannon at the #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15 @McDonalds Closing Party?

Boyz II Men  in concert for McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
Boyz II Men  in concert for McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
Don't get me wrong, we haven't quite come to 'the end of the road' - there is a lot more to cover from BlogHer15 and I'm just taking the event in bite size chunks. I can't imagine re-capping everything there was to see and do in one post. Despite juggling my time between 2 over-lapping conferences in New York City, I still have folders worth of photos from BlogHer, organized, but I haven't had time to optimize the raw files yet!

The McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015 included a live concert with BoyzIIMen singing their hits!

I got there literally just in the 'nick-of-time' as they had already started the first song in the set! (I was running to the buses from another event that had nothing to do with either of the two over-lapping conferences - told you I was a very busy girl this summer!)

I took some video of the concert on my phone:

I had no idea just how long it takes YouTube to convert footage that was actually under 10 minutes! But I thought having some footage would give you a better sense of what it was like to actually be there!

McNuggets Way and Happy Meal Place at #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15  McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
I did not get to eat a thing, I tried to get in what I thought was a line, but the line ended up wrapping around and around me with no begnining or end anymore and it felt like the line was going to swallow me whole. I wanted to shout "They are giving out MCNUGGETS NOT GOLD NUGGETS STOP SHOVING!" The line began to feel like an undulating snake that was just literally moving you whether you wanted to move or not. That was my breaking point.

I opted to find small openings and wriggle my way out of it all. I know what McDonalds taste like. (I personally think this part of their annual party is better indoors at the conference hotel, I never remember having trouble getting to the food there.)

I did really enjoy the concert! And ending what was a conference that has kept bringing bloggers back for a decade now outdoors was actually great! This party is usually the sort of late night closing 'after party' held super late in a room that is quite dark most years so to see this party 'by day' was a new and interesting experience. It didn't lose it's cool that's for sure.

BoyzIIMen throwing roses to audience during #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15  McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
Above: When Boyz II Men started throwing Roses into the crowd you could probably hear the screaming on the other side of the pier! (Not sure what was going on over there on the opposite side of the Pier but there were tons of cute Sailors all in white!) I wanted to find out what was going on over there, but wasn't about to lose my spot at the concert!

If we were born around the same time, this music was probably the soundtrack a school age breakup of some sort. I found it funny when they would hold out the mic and let the audience take over, we all knew the songs word by word, there was nobody fake humming! Gotta LOVE that! Sadly I was not pelted with any roses, but I'm sure I was probably too far (God Bless the Zoom Feature on Cameras! LOL - It allows us anti-social folks to keep a very nice distance and still capture the action like we were right up front and in the mix even though we weren't!)

Nick Cannon takes the turntables during #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15  McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
Nick Cannon takes the turntables at the McDonalds Closing Party at Blogher 2015
Above: Nick Cannon took over the evening to DJ and get folks dancing. (This would be the part where I hid behind one of the tents staring across the pier at the view (OK maybe the cute sailors too) while folks did the wobble, the nae nae, danced with minions, enjoyed cocktails and more!). You guys know I met Nick Cannon in person when he presented me with his Monster NCredible N-Tune On-Ear Headphones at an event for Staples, if you missed that one press HERE.

I found this great hidden spot behind the tents where everyone was dancing with Minions. They were dancing, I was watching the sunset with a 'grown folks lemonade', despite my best attempts to hide from people because I was on 'talking at me overload' at that point. (Introverts really have to work very hard to put themself in that mode where conversations happen for so many concurrent hours in a day NON-stop.) But despite my best attempts at hiding, people found me anyway. Stranger after stranger spoke to me and I met some amazing bloggers who traveled so far to be at BlogHer and even bloggers who knew me well and knew I needed some space would come over and pull me out of there, and for all of them I am VERY grateful. Once almost everyone was on the dance floor I took it as my cue to slip out and catch one of the first buses back to the conference hotel.

Ascending Butterfly and Ronald McDonald Selfie 01 during #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15  McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
I am wearing a blouse by MiracleSuit and Jeans by Silver Jeans
Above: As you can see even Ronald was taking Selfies and I couldn't resist, for me, Mascot photos are EVERYTHING!

Ascending Butterfly and Ronald McDonald Selfie 02 during #McDBlogHer #BlogHer15  McDonalds Closing Party at BlogHer 2015
Top: MiracleSuit, Jeans: Silver Jeans, Handbag: Guess, Sunglasses: (worn on my head) Foster Grant
Above: Something always tells me to have a different person take an extra shot, 'just in case' and I was glad I did this time as the first one was super blurry! (As some people have asked, that is NOT a roller coaster behind me!)


The McDonalds Closing Party is always one of the parties I look forward to during BlogHer, I will say that most of the parties were fun this year and I also greatly enjoyed the Karoake Party. I hit more parties this year than usual and had to cut back on a few off site evening events hosted by brands to do so. I tried to strike as best a balance as I could between 2 overlapping conferences, 2 major events I cover annually that are at least 2 hours on their own, and brand invites and expo hall exhibitor booths and panels. I have attended BlogHer so often that has become much easier to strike a balance and be sure I hit the things that really matter to me. For conference newbies, as soon as the conference posts it's itinerary/agenda, print it, print every brand event invite, then open a google calendar and beginning inputting what you want to attend. Put it ALL in. Then look for overlaps, factor in times that it takes to get from one thing to another, yes even if it's in the same building, you will be competing for hallway walkway space with HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of other people trying to get their rooms too. Don't Overpack your schedule. And if you didn't leave posts scheduled you will regret it, the only time you may have to get posts up are at night (and it will be difficult to get on the conference wifi!), and most days start super early. Keep all that in mind! If you are a member of BlogHer here is the direct link to the Closing Party Photos on FLCKR.

What is your favorite Boyz II Men Song? Would you have joined Nick Cannon's Dance Prompts? Were you THERE? If so, please leave the link to your Closing Party recap, I would love to see it!

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FTC Disclosure: This is a NON -compensated post, no monetary compensation has been received and this is an event recap (food and beverages were provided). All my opinions are 100% MY OWN. I was a Vitabath Brand Ambassador for the BlogHer 2015 Conference. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.