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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Where #Art #Photography #Foodie Fun and #Fragrance Collided, a #SCENTsational #SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten

Sniffapalooza Presents Voluptuary: An Afternoon of Sensual Pairings at MAISON 10 in New York City

#Sniffapalooza #SniffaVoluptuary event @Maisonten in New York City
I had to immediately open the email, based on the name of the event alone. When you receive an event invite with this title, the curiosity factor alone makes you open the email and entices you to RSVP for it.

Sniffapalooza celebrates perfumery as an art, and they love to create unique experiential events where the olfactive universe is explored with kindred spirits, combining fragrance with other sensorial pursuits. This event was an interactive multi-sensory journey, an evening of sensual delights... fragrant, culinary, artistic and cinematic pairings... created for the voluptuary in us all!


Maison Ten, Maison Ten Gallery, Maison10, New York City Art Gallery
The event was a "meeting of sensory minds" held at MAISON 10, NYC's stunning new concept store and gallery space in the heart of Manhattan's exciting NoMad district and was the brainchild of Stephen Dirkes, a Perfumer, filmmaker, multi-media artist, founder of  EUPHORIUM BROOKLYN an innovative niche perfume brand. To celebrate Euphorium's latest fragrance creation, the Voluptuary Trio Set, Dirkes collaborated with Chef Tessa Liebman and Photographer Tal Shpantzer to reinterpret and pair the fragrances in edible and visual format. And quite frankly I have never attended a Fragrance Event that interpreted Scent in quite this way before.


Petales Euphorium Brooklyn Display #Sniffapalooza #SniffaVoluptuary event @Maisonten in New York City
The Voluptuary fragrances -  Suédois, Pétales and Chocolatl - were designed with a focus on sensual, decadent and romantic aspects. The intricately layered relationship of fragrance, flavor and imagery in the stories behind the collection came together to find perfect expression in this event.


Tal Shpantzer's series of photographic portraits, The Petal Series
The fragrance Pétales was inspired by Tal Shpantzer's series of photographic portraits, The Petal Series, which Stephen Dirkes brings to life as a perfume. The Petal Series was on view at the event. The photo above is one of the photographs in the series - and that oversized Gorilla Statue is certainly a unique backdrop!


Chef Tessa Liebman CHOCOLATL Pastries
Chef Tessa and CHOCOLATL
For Chef Tessa's interpretation of CHOCOLATL  she conjured up a Mexican chocolate meringue base with red wine and Piloncillo stewed prunes with a creme fraiche. It was a rich and decadent treat that totally nailed an edible interpretation of the fragrance!

Photographer Tal Shpantzer taking a selfie with Chef Tessa Liebman presents Pavlova Pastry at #Sniffapalooza #SniffaVoluptuary event @Maisonten in New York City
Chef Tessa's challenge was to create an edible that mirrored the notes of Petales, orange blossom, black pepper, honey, ambergris, indole, and galbanum and her creation, the elegant Pavlova pastry was her edible answer!  I loved catching Photographer Tal Shpantzer taking a selfie with Chef Tessa!

Chef Tessa Liebman presents Pavlova Pastry at #Sniffapalooza #SniffaVoluptuary event @Maisonten in New York City
The pastry combines grapefruit curd and orange flower water which Chef Tessa dusted with rose petal powder and mixed with rose pink edible glitter to give the effect of petals shimmering in the moonlight which is part of the story of the fragrance.

#SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten , Pavlolva Pastry
Close Up of Petales Pavlova Pastry
I wasn't fast enough to nab a shot of the edible interpretation of SUEDOIS (suede) which is a soft leather scent that is part of the trio. The fragrance has notes of  Indonesian sandalwood (you guys know just how much I am drawn to Sandalwood!), raspberry, raisin, labdanum, vanilla cream, and tonka musk which paired perfectly with Chef Tessa’s Suedois Cream Puffs with a Ylang Ylang Profiterole Shell and Tonka Bean and Sandalwood Bavarian Cream, and Raspberries. I love the smell of Leather and Suede so this scent was definitely an appealing one for me.

Stephen introduced a special sneak peek screening of Voluptuary #535, the short film he created in collaboration with Tal which will be premiered at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2017.

#SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten
Above: From Left to Right: Far Left: Stephen Dirkes, Perfumer, filmmaker, multi-media artist, and the founder of Euphorium Brooklyn, Photographer Tal Shpantzer, Karen Dubin, Sniffapalooza and Far Right: Chef Tessa Liebman

Another Spotlight Scent:

Be Careful What You Wish For 4160 Tuesdays London
Be Careful What You Wish For 4160 Tuesdays London
I don't want to steal the limelight from Petales, but another scent I was introduced to at the event stayed in my head called "Be Careful What You Wish For" by 4160 Tuesdays a fruity oud that you won't soon forget and I now need in my life!

A Little Lifestyle:

Handbags at #SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten
There were a variety of Lifestyle Products on display including these handbags!

Adult Themed Products at #SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten
A few 'Adult Themed' items were on display as well.

Thompson Ferrier Buddah Candle
You know I love Zen art/décor accents and the Thompson Ferrier Buddah Candle stopped me in my tracks! WANT IT!!!

#SniffaVoluptuary @maisonten
Above: From Left to Right: Far Left: Chef Tessa Liebman, Photographer Tal Shpantzer, Stephen Dirkes, Karen Dubin, Sniffapalooza, and Henri Myers and Far Right: Tom Blackie who are the Founders of Maison 10

From a photographic standpoint I love snapping a group shot when the group is looking at a different photographer, for some reason I have always loved doing this - so it's posed and not posed at the same time.

The Gallery:

TEN things about Maison Ten

Here are TEN things about Maison Ten:

01. is an exciting new concept store and gallery space
02. showcases 10 carefully curated items across 10 categories
03. donates 10% of every sale to one of 10 different charities decided upon by the customer
04. features bags, books, candles, fragrances, gifts, homewares, jewelry, men's accessories, and well-being products
05. has a 10th themed category which it rotates every 10 weeks
06. exhibits 10 works of art for each 10 week period
07. changes everything apart from one top-seller in each category every 10 weeks
08. celebrates its new artist, designers and range of products every 10 weeks with a great event
09. is also online at
10. LOVES YOU! :)

Above: Some of the guests in attendance pinched hit and rotated as "Guest Bartenders" this is Angus of The Container Globe as guest bartender pouring The Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour.  I borrowed this from, but I just had to include it:

"The Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour, celebrates the life and times of Madame de Pompadour (the great courtesan and mistress of Louis XV) who is credited with introducing Champagne to the court and was an influential tastemaker in the matters of art, architecture and philosophy–famous for her comment,

"Champagne is the only wine a woman can drink and remain beautiful.""


This event was so "New York" to me in a good way. It was almost too hip for it's own good, I love the sensory interpretation and back story to the Voluptuary Trio by Euphorium Brooklyn. It was a treat for the senses combining sight, sound, scent, and amazing edibles.

Another Fragrance from Euphorium Brooklyn that stood out for me was CILICE, it is not part of the Voluptuary Trio, but notable none the less.

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