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Monday, July 20, 2015

{#MotivationMonday} July 21st is national No Pet Store Puppies Day! Look at the cutie from @ASPCA I met at #BlogHer15

Did you know that tomorrow, (July 21st) is No Pet Store Puppies Day? This is a holiday whose goal is to raise awareness about the fact that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Tens of thousands of 'breeding dogs' spend their lives in these mills. Often times they are subjected to tiny, overcrowded cages in very unsanitary conditions, most do not receive proper vet care or even adequate food and water, with so many sadly living their entire lives without any kind of human affection. The Female dogs are bred at every opportunity giving their bodies very little time to recover between litters of puppies.

To help raise awareness the ASCPCA wants to spread the word with this super cute video where a little girl named Molly and her shelter dog Joey explain why you shouldn't shop at pet stores that sell puppies that come from puppy mills:

They are not leaving out kittens either, here is an informative infographic featuring interesting facts you may not know about adoptable baby kittens:

While at the BlogHer conference I got to meet this cute girl who literally everyone wanted! It was hard to pin her down to get a shot without motion/blur, but meet Dollie:

EVERYONE wanted her! Myself included!


I highly encourage families seeking a pet to visit a shelter and not buy from a puppy mill. Shelter employees are also knowledgeable in taking your lifestyle into account and matching them with a Dog or Cat that will best match the entire families' lifestyle, not to make a 'sale', but to help get the pet and the family the best possible match. If matched correctly there is less likelihood that the dog or cat will be brought back to the shelter and that's the goal!

I am traveling too much right now for a pet, but when I am ready, I am definitely visiting the ASPCA and adopting a Shelter Dog and I hope you will too! (By the way the folks at Rover where also there with Dogs and you guys definitely responded positively to my doggie instagrams while at the BlogHer15 Conference so thank you!)

Do You have a Shelter Dog or Cat? If not, will you consider adopting from a shelter next time?

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