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Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Inspiration - Ordinary People Extraordinary Talents!

Today's Words Of Inspiration are going to be a little different today! The Ascending Butterfly celebrates its 2 month 'Blog-a-versary' today! Thank You loyal readers, for choosing to spend some time each day with us.

Last night I had the amazing fortune to be able to attend John Legend's Madison Square Garden Performance, VIP Style. The concert 'opening act' was none other than India.Arie! And that was just one of many surprises the night had in store.

I arrived early enough to watch the set up process and what did I see? A HUGE BUTTERFLY on the screen!!!! I already love India.Arie's style, flow and music, but that just cinched it, seeing that butterfly let me know that I was in the right place at the right time. She started in prayer and John Legend ended in prayer as well. I'm all about living in gratitude and this concert certainly filled my soul on many levels!

We had amazing seats (Thanks J.T./Madison Square Garden/and Hot97). We were about 3 seats away from a celebrity! Malcolm-Jamal Warner (you may remember him as 'Theo' from the Cosby Show) was sitting in front of us!

Since the concert started with India, so will I. I was too happy to see her big butterfly on screen, and she even comes out during the concert wearing butterfly wings!

I am writing and listening to her song 'Therapy' featuring Gramps Morgan. I LOVE this track, if you don't have it yet, pick it up. (And if her lablel is reading this, we'd be stoked to offer up autographed copies to our Ascending Butterfly readers!) 'Therapy' is a track that speaks of the love we are all seeking! It's the love we all want, the WAY we all want it. And the dynamics between India.Arie and Gramps on that stage was absolutely electric! They really have great chemistry together. Ladies, listen to this song, if the man in your life doesn't make you feel this way, you are with the wrong man! (any men out there who want to approach this butterfly, better listen to this song first and learn how it's done!)

That was just one of many amazing songs sung by India.Arie during her set. It was a mix of old favorites and tracks off the new album.

Here are some photos (It is NOT OK to copy or otherwise reproduce or re-distribute these photos!)

ABOVE: India.Arie walking down the main aisle. Look at that smile!

Her voice and her amazing smile, lit the garden up! And the energy she gave out to the audience was extremely uplifting and positive.

ABOVE: India.Arie with her backup singers and her guitarist (and look at the pretty butterfly)

ABOVE: India.Arie in her butterfly wings!

ABOVE: And she brought out a special guest towards the end, HER MOM!!!

I'm very close with my mom and it was so nice to see India.Arie's mom perform with her on stage! The apple didn't fall from the tree! Two beautiful women, Two powerful Voices, two happy spirits.

The night's headliner John Legend, started out singing directly in the heart of the audience. I will admit it was hard to hear him over the screams of the crowd and shrill shrieks of the delighted ladies for the opportunity to touch him or grab his hand as he tried to make his way to the stage!

I am now listening to 'Ordinary People' as I write, it is one of my favorite John Legend tracks. And somehow everytime I see him sing it, I have to think it is his favorite too. ('Used to love you' and 'heaven' are another two favorites of mine!) (I make your label the same offer John, we'd love to give our readers autographed CD's!!)

Like India.Arie, John Legend put together a great combination of his well known tracks blending with tracks from his new album. And there was so many amazing performers that took the stage with him, Rick Ross, Buju Banton, Kanye West and Estelle, and not to mention India.Arie! I've always liked reggae and dancehall and was happily surprised to see Buju Banton take the stage!

John Legend teamed up with Gap to offer 'exclusive (RED)ZONE' seating for (PRODUCT)RED purchases made at Gap. (PRODUCT) RED purchase proceeds help to eliminate AIDS in Africa. It was a concert with a cause and there is nothing more in line with my mission than that! John is definitely the all-around man to watch, great voice, great style and the heart of a humanitarian, a man that wants to help be a part of the solution, that is MY KIND of man, GO JOHN! You can Buy Red and save lives, learn more by signing up to (RED) HERE

ABOVE: John started off singing to the audience, from INSIDE the audience! (as you can see from the lower right of this photo, he definitely gave security a workout and made them earn their money by doing this!)

ABOVE: John and the band

Above: Buju Banton takes to the stage! As you can see from this pic he was feeling the love!

ABOVE: Kanye West and Estelle sing 'American Boy'

ABOVE: John Legend takes to the stage with India.Arie

The concert began and ended in prayer and folks rarely sat down, it was an on your feet, begining to end high energy and very electric night that ended with me actually getting the chance to meet John Legend in person!

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Talent! Do something out of the ordinary this weekend!
And listen to great music while you're doing it!

Make this your best day ever, Bless and Be Blessed!

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