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Monday, March 13, 2023

Does #DaylightSavingsTime Already Have You Singing The Blues? #MondayMeme #Coffee #NationalNappingDay

Does Daylight Savings Time Already Have You Singing The Blues?

If you are already singing the blues about Daylight Savings Time, there are two things that can help you get through it:

馃 Coffee

馃 National Napping Day is today which aligns nicely with our Spring Forward Daylight Savings Time Shenanigans. If you can sneak in a 20 minute nap today it may very well help!

There are healthier energy drink alternatives if you are not a coffee person, and remember to add some collagen proteins to your favorite drink today (for coffee drinkers there are collagen peptide creamers on the market!)

Readers Sound Off: How do you get through the first day of "Spring Forward"/Daylight Savings Time? Also, how about a Monday Morning Coffee Me Thread? If you would like someone to treat you to a coffee you post your Venmo/Cashapp/Paypal if you would like to treat someone then you can send someone who has posted theirs in this comment thread! Mine are listed below! 馃

 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙

FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own! I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. 

If you like this article treat me to a coffee, a caffeinated writer is a happy writer! or$ascendingbutterfly or Venmo: Ascending1

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{#Photo} Highlights from the @GNOSSEM #Fashion Preview held @MaseratiNYC!

Gnossem Logo

I would have to say second to Broadway, the great thing about New York is the myriad of unique Fashion Shows and Designers to showcase their collections here.

I got to check out a Fashion Preview held in a pretty unique venue, The Maserati Showroom in New York City! Gnossem is an online fashion website who carries Asia's largest collection of luxury independent designers who previewed for the first time ever in New York City in February. (Yes I did say February, my travel schedule has been nuts lately!)

In addition to a host of new and exclusive Asian labels, some of the independent Fashion Designers included: Zenchi (a Singapore Top Designer who Naomi Campbell walked for last year), Zardoze (whose Creative Director previously designed for Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs!), and TOTON (an Indonesian label that Andrej Pegic walked for in 2012).

Lisa Crosswite, Gnossem's Founder was named by Louis Vuitton Singapore as one of the Top 10 Stylish Women 2013. Gnossem offers uniquely artisanal products, quality independent designers that are specially curated for the most discerning tastes! Certainly luxury at it's finest!

I am kind of glad that this post got so delayed as many of the Fashions I previewed had a breezy, easy feel that remind me of Spring easing into summer!

Here are some photo highlights:

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013 Poster Closeup
I saw this poster on display at the venue and I just had to get a close up!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, Dress
This Dress is EVERYTHING!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, Dress
So nice I had to capture it from both angles!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, Tops, Blouse, Skirt
You know I love that leather top with the stamped detailing right?

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, white dress
I have always had love for high collars!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, resort wear
This just yells Resort Wear to me, in a good way!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013,  Formal Wear, Formal Dress
A little prom meets Met Gala Realness!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013,  Formal Wear,
This is probably more daring than I'd feel comfortable with, but it's pretty!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, Cocktail Dress
I'd probably end up wearing it as a blouse or on top of White Jeans, but I like the bold print!

Gnossem Fashion Preview Maserati NYC Showroom February 2013, all the dresses
All the looks - Love how I captured someone else across from me taking the same shot!

Ascending Butterfly Editorial Team taking in the scene! (I'm the one on the right, holding the champagne glass of course!)


I loved the unique venue! Fast Cars, Luxe Fashion, it was a great night in the city. With Besfren featuring their Dessert Collection Box (this is the chocolate gift you give to someone who you think has it all),  Zico keeping us all hydrated with their premium coconut water (really good by the way!), and illy USA providing their celebrated Italian Coffee Drinks it was as close to Fashion Event Nirvana as you can possibly get!

Butterflies Check out Gnossem for yourself and let us know which style is your favorite!

˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙

FTC Disclosure: Ascending Butterfly was provided with If/Then Tickets for Editorial Consideration, all opinions are 100% my own!  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dunkin Donuts Flavored Coffee - Review and Giveaway!

˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙
This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsor Dunkin Donuts! We look forward to working with you again! The winner has been notified and upon confirmation, follower name will be posted both here and on our homepage. Remember: There are great giveaways active on the upper right hand side of the page Where it reads “Today’s Butterfly! Win Here’!
˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙˙·贍•● 聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 ●•●•贍·˙

America Runs on Dunkin

Don't you just love that tagline? America Runs on Dunkin - and on occassion so do I! My first memory of the smell of coffee in the kitchen was in my great-grandmother's kitchen, she was a die hard coffee drinker. And while I am not an every morning cup of joe person, there are mornings when I already know my to-do list for the day is what some don't do even in a week, and it's on those mornings, I know I need help. Help to see me through a day that will end up being 16 hours or more at least with back to back meetings. Sometimes I need a little help summoning up the 'back-to-back' energy for those 'back-to-back' meetings!

I want something that I can enjoy drinking and that won't drain my weekly budget, yes, even a butterfly has to stick to a budget! and in winter when it's freezing out, I want something warm to start my morning!

When the Mom Bloggers Club asked if I'd like to participate in a testing opportunity with Dunkin, needless to say I jumped at the chance, and while I'm no Coffee Connoisseur, I do know what I like, and just how much I am willing to pay for it!

I was sent 3 different flavors to try,  French Vanilla, Cinnamon Spice and Hazelnut. I ripped open the Hazelnut first. Which doesn't surprise me, it's my favorite variety and I already knew it would be. It didn't fail to disappoint, honestly just the smell in the bag before you even brew it, is just heavenly! My second fave was French Vanilla, and Cinnamon Spice came in last, but not least, it's good, but hazelnut is definitely my hands down fave!

While these three year-round flavors are awesome, Dunkin Donuts also offers seasonal flavors! You can find info on the seasonal flavors at: (There are Halloween as well Holiday flavors available, they even have gift baskets too! Or you can pick up some bags at your local grocery store and put together your own gift basket, I'm sure some of those hard to shop for gifts like your mail carrier would definitely love a bag or two of morning love for the holidays!)

WIN IT! - Ascending Butterfly and our friends at Dunkin Donuts would like to provide 1 Ascending Butterfly Follower with a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee. The flavor will be a surprise, chosen at random by the sponsor; But I can assure you it's all treats and no tricks here at Ascending Butterfly!

聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 - How to Win: (1) You must be a PUBLIC follower of Ascending Butterfly to be eligible for this and all giveaways. Indicate in your entry that you follow (if your 'comment name/user id' differs from your profile id, please let me know what name you follow under) and Mandatory Entry: (2) Visit Dunkin at Home and tell me which Dunkin Donuts flavor you would most like to try! (3) You must also leave your email address somewhere in your comment. (You can format it this way for security, example: ascendingbutterfly AT mail host DOT com). (If your email is clearly visible in your profile, you can just say so, that's OK!) Please follow the easy 1, 2, 3 steps to winning (or in this case, the A,B,C’s of winning!) This giveaway is open to USA residents who are 18 years of age or older. No PO Boxes.

聘̵̡訙̵̨̄品 - Please follow directions or you will be disqualified! All comments are moderated, they may not appear on the site right away (comments like "I want this" or "I want to win" will not be entered). You have from Tuesday, October 26, 2010 until Tuesday, November 02, 2010 at 03:00 PM (EST) to comment and be entered for a chance to win. You will have 48 hours to confirm if we do not hear from you we will be forced to move on to an alternate. (We only notify winners DIRECTLY via email, so if your profile or your comment does not have an email your entry will not be processed)


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FTC Disclosure Info for this Giveaway: This is not a paid insertion. This is a non-compensated post and all opinions regarding Dunkin Donuts are my own experiences. I was provided product via Mom Bloggers Club to facilitate the review & giveaway. The sponsor is fulfilling directly to prize winner(s), this in no way influenced my opinion of the product. Once a winner is selected and their information has been forwarded to the sponsor, the responsibility of prize fulfillment rests with the sponsor.