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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photo Highlights & Important Quotes from @WeAllGrowSummit New York City Tour! #WeAllGrowNYC

We All Grow Summit #WeAllGrowNYC

The We All Grow Summit is a Blogging Conference whose mission is to unite our community, infuse YOUR professional growth with hand's on learning and networking opportunities which is held in Southern California annually. This year the Summit visited a few main cities around the United States, and fortunately for me, New York City was on the roster! I haven't had the chance to attend the main summit, so getting a chance to attend it while it toured the 'City That Never Sleeps' that I call home was a fantastic opportunity for me to get a taste of this conference without having to fly out.

You all know I am *never* wordless on 'Wordless Wednesday' - but this recap is photo heavy - that counts right?

I am going to try my best to present the photos in as close to the order that panelists were presented to give you the best idea of how the summit was organized:

When One Grows We All Grow Sign at #WeAllGrowNYC
ABOVE: When I saw this on the blackboard, I knew it was going to be a great day! That's EXACTLY what it's all about, blogging is a form of entrepreneurship, and when one of us grows and succeeds in this space, we ALL grow!

Pinterest Neon Sign Brunch Buffet at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Doors Open and there was time for a Sponsor Mingle, Pinterest sponsored a wonderful Brunch Buffet (Blogging is HUNGRY business!)

Ana Flores Founder of We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Ana Flores, Founder of the We All Grow Summit was our emcee and she kicked it off with a reminder to "Make Your Elevator Pitch Your Mantra". I can tell you many conferences stress this to bloggers, be able to sum up what you do, what you offer and what you focus on in a very brief sentence. Memorize it. Rehearse it. Run it by fellow blogger buddies until you have it DOWN PAT. She threw it to the first panelist, Emmelie De La Cruz of

Emmelie De La Cruz of speaks at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015
ABOVE: So you thought you would ignore the whole thing on the Elevator Pitch you say? Well the first speaker brought it up again, here is a great boiler plate on what a solid 'Elevator Pitch' should contain:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - What do you do?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - What are your skills?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Who Benefits?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - What is the Outcome?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - What Do You Want?

Emmelie De La Cruz of speaks at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015
ABOVE: "Telling Your Story Informs You. Blog Like a Brand + Business" - Speaker Emmelie De La Cruz of got down to the nitty gritty of what to do and HOW to do it, she showed us examples of bloggers who are slaying their niche - how and why.

Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager gave us an amazing run through on the ins and outs of Pinterest. Let's just say there were TONS of quotes by Enid that gave us all great insight on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic and expand our reach. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps people discover and save creative ideas. One of my favorite 'quotables' from Enid was this:

"People Follow Interests and Personal Tastes, NOT Social Connections, we are fundamentally NOT a Social Networking Service" ~Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager

If this panel weren't kick ass enough, the conference worked with Pinterest to offer some of the attendees a chance to have a one-on-one session at Pinterest HQ in NYC! How awesome is that? Now is that a conference that is fully invested in our learning and advancing. I plan to post separately about my one-on-one session in a future post.

After this session there was a Networking Break sponsored by Vive Mejor:

Dia De Los Muertos Sweets Bar sponsored by Country Crock and Lipton at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015
ABOVE: A Dia De Los Muertos Sweets Bar? Um, YES PLEASE!!!!

Dia De Los Muertos Sweets Bar Display sponsored by Country Crock and Lipton at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015
ABOVE: The walk to the venue was lined with Houses that still had their Halloween Decorations up, so this display was right on the money, and this was a great point for a bit of a 'sweets break' thanks Country Crock and Lipton!

Dia De Los Muertos Sweets Bar Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Display sponsored by Country Crock and Lipton at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015
ABOVE: These 'Chocolate Crinkle Cookies' were the bomb dot com - Yummo!

Dia De Los Muertos Sweets Bar Arroz Con Leche sponsored by Country Crock and Lipton at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015 #ViveMejorDDLM

DIABOLO drink Diabolo at We All Grow Summit speaks at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Diabolo presented an assortment of thirst quenching beverages! Networking makes a blogger thirsty you know! =)

Mentor Q&A Panel with Zuania Capo, Marie Chalita and Ana Flores at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Back to Business with the Mentor Q&A Panel featuring LEFT: Zuania Capo of, CENTER: Marie Chalita of and RIGHT: Ana Flores, Founder of We All Grow Summit

"To Tell A Story, You Need To Listen - Engage Through Listening" 

Lisa Price, Founder, Carols Daughter panelist at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Lisa Price, Founder of Carols Daughter was open, honest and real about her experiences launching her brand and the road to the eventual sale of that brand, which she still plays a major role in. She shared about her insecurities with her weight and fears of appearing on Home Shopping she said "I was afraid that people wouldn't buy anything because I didn't look right". It bothered her, and she did something about it, literally, dropping 100 pounds and gaining control of her health, learning the social media ropes, but it was the quote that inspires HER, that I can't help but share:

"Tell Your Story The Way You Actually Want It To Work Out" ~Soledad O'Brien's Advice to Lisa Price

Let your peers inspire you my friends!

Isaac Oppenheimer Co-Founder NIGHT at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: Around 3pm we took a Networking Break and one of the event sponsors NIGHT shared a bit about their pillow with us. Night Pillows use a special technology to give you better skin and hair while you sleep. On the way in I got to check out their 'zen' set up - many bloggers took cool instagram photos here:

NIGHT Pillow on display at #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

Let's just say you will see more about this pillow again, later on in this post, and it may get a special post of it's own, so stay tuned!

Group Shot of Panelists at We All Grow Summit #WeAllGrowNYC 2015

ABOVE: A group shot of all the panelists and Founder of We All Grow Summit in the Center, Ana Flores

The Blogger Swag Bag included products from Conffianz, Carols Daughter and Vanidades!

Left: Co-Founder of NIGHT, Isaac Oppenheimer presented me with my new NIGHT Pillow!
RAFFLES: There were great raffles including conference ticket and hotel stay for the main summit, and one winner won a NIGHT pillow, guess who won the pillow? If you guessed Ascending Butterfly you are RIGHT! I am LOVING this pillow. This is coming from a lifelong insomniac. You have no idea how high a praise this really is. My love runs deep. I actually regretted NOT bringing this pillow along on my recent Food and Wine Bloggers Press Trip to BrandyWine Valley (which I will share all about very soon I promise!)


I LOVED this conference. And when you have been in publishing in some form for as long as I have, that is saying A LOT. Many conferences tend to be a bit too 'basic' for 'advanced' bloggers - I have a ton of notes from this one day tour so I can only imagine how much I would learn from the full conference experience for We All Grow!

I think setting up One-on-One sessions with Pinterest was an amazing thing to do and I am so glad I was able to avail myself of such an amazing opportunity. I learned I really was approaching it wrong and using it all wrong, more on this to come.

As you all know I try to make at least one conference a year. I do with conferences what I do with my leisure travel. I try to hit a different one each time. We All Grow is now one I want to put on my roster, I felt like I really got a chance to learn and grow, and very few conferences 'challenge' me, so when I find one that does, it's refreshing and exhilarating!

Readers Sound Off: Have you attended We All Grow Summit? What is your favorite Blogging Conference and Why?

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FTC Disclosure: This is an event recap, no monetary compensation has been received, and all opinions are 100% my own! I received a summit pass for Editorial Consideration and a Swag Bag. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.