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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Since The New York Times Travel Show 2020 is nearly upon us, here is a #TravelThursday recap of the 2019 @NYTTravelShow and @NYBoatShow #NYTTravelShow #NYBoatShow

The New York Times Travel Show 2020 is nearly upon us!

I love covering The New York Time Travel Show, it literally puts the world at my fingertips, and I always look forward to what each new year of the show has to offer.

If you haven't already done so, get your tickets!

In 2019, The New York Times Travel Show Media Day was filled with seminars/panels, eats on and off the exhibitor floor, and many discussions about the Government Shut Down and how it is affecting travel.

Scary stats about how enrollment and applications are down to U.S. universities from international students.

The keynote delved into how the US is currently perceived abroad. And it is not very positive right now.

And while I do try hard to keep politics and religion off my pages and make this a place where you can escape from the daily news and connect with fellow light seekers, it makes me sad that the one thing that connects everyone - travel - is becoming so much more difficult to do.

At the Travel Show I always find my tribe. Journalists, Travelers, Creatives, Photographers, Influencers, Foodies, and Wanderers.

Travel shows us that we have so much more in common, more commonalities than differences. We need to build bridges, not walls.

More love and more inclusion.

The show has always been somewhat of an escape for me, but ultimately it was important and smart that panelists addressed the elephant in the room.

It is not only difficult for travelers to get here, but for us to go abroad. We can't spread our wings when someone else has them clipped.

I have always subscribed to the "salad bowl" theory instead of the melting pot, a ton of different ingredients all coming together to make something great, while maintaining their individuality.

I travel because I am curious. I travel because I like to learn, see, explore, wander, eat new foods, explore new architecture, meet people, change my perspective. I have never once returned from any journey the same person I was when I left.

I got to travel the world in a weekend at The New York Times Travel Show and that is why it is one of my favorite trade shows to cover!

Here are some photo highlights:

New York Times Travel Show 2019, #NYTTravelShow

I was still in a panel session when they did the ribbon cutting.

Adventure Flying with the Icon A5 by Icon Aircraft, NY Boat Show, #NYBoatShow

Above: Adventure Flying with the Icon A5 by Icon Aircraft! The NY Boat Show was co-branded with The New York Times Travel Show!

I wish I was on one of these right now! Hello SeaDoo! Think I could convince Santa to leave one of these under my tree for Christmas this year?

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow

Above: Curacao Tourism Board greets visitors with a smile!

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow
Above: Let's just say my smartwatch clocked me in at way over 10,000 steps per day walking around the convention center! I am wearing Miracle Body Jeans, Emu Boots and my Michael Kors Access Smartwatch!

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow
One of the best things about trade shows are the raffles! The Curacao Tourism Board was encouraging visitors to take a photo and post them to social media for a chance to win a trip to Curacao.

This Rum Punch from the Puerto Rico Tourism Board gave me life! The 360 degree LED display at their booth was amazing and they also hosted one of my favorite networking receptions held during the New York Times Travel Show hosted by

Puerto Rico experienced so much devastation after Hurricane Maria in 2017. It was the worst natural disaster on record to affect the Islands of Puerto Rico and Domenica.

I remember seeing the 13th ward in Louisiana well after they were hit, things are just as slow going in Puerto Rico as they were for Louisiana - and in both cases, they need those tourism dollars to help speed up re-development efforts.

Not only is Puerto Rico Tourism Ready for travelers, but this quote from the Tourism Board of Puerto Rico sums it up perfectly:

"Puerto Rico is still as enchanting as ever…your visit is a gift to yourself and to the people on the island.   Thank you!! "

Above: As you can see from the photos above I spent a great deal of time in the Caribbean Pavilion!

Above: Isn't that red head dress amazing?

Above: Doesn't this one remind you a bit of Cher?

Above: I need this for Carnival

Above: Photo from Costa Rica Tourism Board Booth at New York Times Travel Show, Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City 2019


The New York Times Travel Show always provides me with travel inspiration, industry trends and access to a myriad of Tourism Boards and Resorts and I am excited to learn that this year one of the main sponsors is Dubai - a travel experience that is definitely on my travel bucket list. I will be taking all the notes!

This year wasn't such a great year for me personally and health wise and I didn't get to travel nearly as much as I wanted to. So for me, days away from a brand new decade, travel is certainly at the forefront of my mind, front and center of my vision board, and one of the things I want most for myself in this coming new year/DECADE. (I still can't believe we are not just entering another year, but ushering in an entirely new decade!)

Readers/Butterflies Sound Off: Have you done any traveling in 2019? Where have you visited so far? If you haven't traveled yet this year, what was your favorite trip of all time?

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