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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Since The New York Times Travel Show 2020 is nearly upon us, here is a #TravelThursday recap of the 2019 @NYTTravelShow and @NYBoatShow #NYTTravelShow #NYBoatShow

The New York Times Travel Show 2020 is nearly upon us!

I love covering The New York Time Travel Show, it literally puts the world at my fingertips, and I always look forward to what each new year of the show has to offer.

If you haven't already done so, get your tickets!

In 2019, The New York Times Travel Show Media Day was filled with seminars/panels, eats on and off the exhibitor floor, and many discussions about the Government Shut Down and how it is affecting travel.

Scary stats about how enrollment and applications are down to U.S. universities from international students.

The keynote delved into how the US is currently perceived abroad. And it is not very positive right now.

And while I do try hard to keep politics and religion off my pages and make this a place where you can escape from the daily news and connect with fellow light seekers, it makes me sad that the one thing that connects everyone - travel - is becoming so much more difficult to do.

At the Travel Show I always find my tribe. Journalists, Travelers, Creatives, Photographers, Influencers, Foodies, and Wanderers.

Travel shows us that we have so much more in common, more commonalities than differences. We need to build bridges, not walls.

More love and more inclusion.

The show has always been somewhat of an escape for me, but ultimately it was important and smart that panelists addressed the elephant in the room.

It is not only difficult for travelers to get here, but for us to go abroad. We can't spread our wings when someone else has them clipped.

I have always subscribed to the "salad bowl" theory instead of the melting pot, a ton of different ingredients all coming together to make something great, while maintaining their individuality.

I travel because I am curious. I travel because I like to learn, see, explore, wander, eat new foods, explore new architecture, meet people, change my perspective. I have never once returned from any journey the same person I was when I left.

I got to travel the world in a weekend at The New York Times Travel Show and that is why it is one of my favorite trade shows to cover!

Here are some photo highlights:

New York Times Travel Show 2019, #NYTTravelShow

I was still in a panel session when they did the ribbon cutting.

Adventure Flying with the Icon A5 by Icon Aircraft, NY Boat Show, #NYBoatShow

Above: Adventure Flying with the Icon A5 by Icon Aircraft! The NY Boat Show was co-branded with The New York Times Travel Show!

I wish I was on one of these right now! Hello SeaDoo! Think I could convince Santa to leave one of these under my tree for Christmas this year?

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow

Above: Curacao Tourism Board greets visitors with a smile!

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow
Above: Let's just say my smartwatch clocked me in at way over 10,000 steps per day walking around the convention center! I am wearing Miracle Body Jeans, Emu Boots and my Michael Kors Access Smartwatch!

Curacao Tourism Board New York Times Travel Show 2019 #NYTTravelShow
One of the best things about trade shows are the raffles! The Curacao Tourism Board was encouraging visitors to take a photo and post them to social media for a chance to win a trip to Curacao.

This Rum Punch from the Puerto Rico Tourism Board gave me life! The 360 degree LED display at their booth was amazing and they also hosted one of my favorite networking receptions held during the New York Times Travel Show hosted by

Puerto Rico experienced so much devastation after Hurricane Maria in 2017. It was the worst natural disaster on record to affect the Islands of Puerto Rico and Domenica.

I remember seeing the 13th ward in Louisiana well after they were hit, things are just as slow going in Puerto Rico as they were for Louisiana - and in both cases, they need those tourism dollars to help speed up re-development efforts.

Not only is Puerto Rico Tourism Ready for travelers, but this quote from the Tourism Board of Puerto Rico sums it up perfectly:

"Puerto Rico is still as enchanting as ever…your visit is a gift to yourself and to the people on the island.   Thank you!! "

Above: As you can see from the photos above I spent a great deal of time in the Caribbean Pavilion!

Above: Isn't that red head dress amazing?

Above: Doesn't this one remind you a bit of Cher?

Above: I need this for Carnival

Above: Photo from Costa Rica Tourism Board Booth at New York Times Travel Show, Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City 2019


The New York Times Travel Show always provides me with travel inspiration, industry trends and access to a myriad of Tourism Boards and Resorts and I am excited to learn that this year one of the main sponsors is Dubai - a travel experience that is definitely on my travel bucket list. I will be taking all the notes!

This year wasn't such a great year for me personally and health wise and I didn't get to travel nearly as much as I wanted to. So for me, days away from a brand new decade, travel is certainly at the forefront of my mind, front and center of my vision board, and one of the things I want most for myself in this coming new year/DECADE. (I still can't believe we are not just entering another year, but ushering in an entirely new decade!)

Readers/Butterflies Sound Off: Have you done any traveling in 2019? Where have you visited so far? If you haven't traveled yet this year, what was your favorite trip of all time?

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FTC Disclosure: No monetary compensation has been received, and all opinions are 100% my own!  This is event recap coverage. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday - My Great-Grandmother! {#Photo} #TBT

This is my maternal Great-Grandmother. She is part of the reason I started Ascending Butterfly. When she moved here she greatly missed home and she planted a small flower box garden on her windowsill. She had the most amazing green thumb and her flowers would attract butterflies. My love of butterflies started with her. And to this day a butterfly crossing my path is usually one of three things, someone I love saying hello from beyond, a stroke of good luck or a major change (which makes sense as butterflies are the symbols of transformation).

I love Throwback Thursday almost as much as I love Wordless Wednesday! I love checking out everyone's photos, so if you are playing along today for Throwback Thursday I'd love to see your pictures too, leave a comment below with your link and I'll hop over and say Hi! (Please remember we do moderate comments, no giveaway links for Wordless Wednesday or Throwback Thursday Please!)

Happy Throwback Thursday Butterflies, hope you enjoyed my visit down memoryville lane!

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FTC: This is NOT a Sponsored Post! But should a camera company ever wish to upgrade me so I can take even better photos who am I to say no? ;-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride! Is it because I avoid the bouquet toss?

This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant - designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone.

I'll admit it, I totally fall into the category of 'Siempre una dama de honor, nunca una novia' which means 'Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride'. Now before you think this is a 'woe is me' type of post, trust me, it's not. While my school friends were busy writing their first name with their boyfriends last name in their notebooks, my day dreams were of me wearing white, but for me it wasn't a white bridal dress, it was a white lab coat. Since elementary school my goal was to become a cardiologist (yes I even knew enough to say more than just 'doctor').

I will probably always fall into this category as I don't stand on the bouquet toss line ever. And when I say ever, I mean ever. Not even at my sister's wedding. She tried her hardest to toss the bouquet directly to me, (as our other sis is already married), and much to her dismay I avoided it like the plague. She was certain I'd catch it, and be the next sister married. I'm the baby of all the girls, and loving my single life in the city. I had no interest in catching the bouquet back then and (sorry sis) I still don't now. Not to say a summer romance while I was out there for her wedding on a beautiful tropical island wouldn't have been nice, but I'm still nowhere near ready for marriage. (Many wonder in my family if I ever will be).

My sister's wedding and that summer of her wedding literally flew by, with some kind of shopping or preparation being done every day, but the biggest laughs were the nights we spent preparing the 'favores de la boda' (in Puerto Rico we call them 'capias'), making her wedding favors consisted of plenty of late nights, rum and lots of laughs.

Left: Ascending Butterfly Right: Sister Butterfly

What has always stood out about that summer and that day was that no matter what was happening around her, she always had a smile on her face. For some unknown reason she chose mostly younger nieces for her 'damas'/bridesmaids, and getting that many girls ready was a nightmare, yet she was totally un-flappable! During her wedding, the flower girl and ring bearer (her husband's niece and nephew) got into an all out fight both up and down the wedding aisle (think little blond angelic cherub getting her hair pulled by the ring bearer and then chasing him up and down the aisle seeking her revenge!), everyone wondered at that moment if she would be upset, and she just totally laughed and so did the entire church! The Priest even stopped and laughed also!

While I can't give you tips on how to prep for and survive your wedding day because I've never been married, my sister's wedding is the closest I've come to the inside of planning a wedding, but I can tell you, the most beautiful thing you will wear that day, the thing that will always be remembered about your wedding aside from your dress, is your smile.

Left: Ascending Butterfly Center: Sister Butterfly Right: Brother-in-Law Butterfly

She radiated calm confidence and the love she was feeling really shined through.

So Butterflies, What are YOUR Bridal Beauty Tips 101? How did you get ready to shine on your big day?

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FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dove(R) ClearTone(tm) Deodorant - designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone. I was compensated for this post by the Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

Monday, June 25, 2012

How do you Apple Mango Tango?

About a month before the official start of summer, I get a very rare disease, which I've officially named the 'travel itchies'. Sadly, I get this every year, and doctors can't seem to cure it and the only thing that works is getting away! The hectic pace of city living can be extremely tiring and the only thing that seems to center me is time at the beach. This time spent near the Ocean gives summer a scent for me, sometimes many scents combined. Once one of those scents hits my senses, I'm ready to pack my bags and go!

Being near the ocean or at the beach whether it's local or abroad brings up so many sensory memories for me, like eating fresh fruit, or enjoying a tropical beverage sometimes straight from a pineapple or a coconut and those smells are the ones that imprint the memory of favorite summer vacations straight to my heart!

One of my favorite vacation scent memories was a summer I spent in Puerto Rico. A friend who owns a large farm brought along fresh Mangos to the beach. They were ripe and fresh and just bursting with sweetness and scent. Anytime I smell Mango it takes me right back to that happy day. I can see myself sitting on the beach with Mango juice dripping down my arm, the sun warm on my back and the hint of a breeze.

But unfortunately a beach vacation isn't in my immediate future as things have been way to busy, but my senses were recently tickled by a great scent that I just had to share! Even the best travel goddess has to do Laundry sometime, and if you want to take a slice of vacation happiness and bring it home with you then I would highly recommend Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango Laundry Detergent. I call it 'Vacation in a Bottle'.

What I call 'Vaction in a Bottle,' Gain calls Joyful Expressions Laundry Detergent, and they describe it as "A Superior and Uplifting Scent Experience" and I couldn't agree more. I am definitely going to go back and try out the other scents, especially 'Gain Butterfly Kiss' but for some reason after smelling the joyful expressions line, the Apple Mango Tango resonated with me most. It starts with that crisp smell of Apple, coupled with the sweetness of Mango and it just instantly takes me back to my favorite summer beach memory.

Not only does it smell great, but I like the way it cleans and how long the smell actually 'holds' to your clothes and lingers in the air!

Gain Apple Mango Tango Laundry Detergent

I put it to work immediately on a tough load, my favorite King Size Egyptian Cotton Blanket, which it left soft and smelling great!

Gain Apple Mango Tango Laundry Detergent after cleaning my King Sized Egyptian Cotton Blanket!

It was equally fantastic on clothes, leaving them pleasantly scented and soft to the touch! The only way I could be happier with it, is if it included a Merry Maid to do the Laundry for me! (LOL)

To learn more about Gain’s line of products and to see a full list of the anything but ordinary scents available, visit

Visit for updates on how to find your perfect match.

Butterfly what is your favorite Vacation Scent Memory?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Morro Castle!

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took during a trip to Puerto Rico. This is 'Fort San Felipe del Morro' also known by tourists as 'Morro Castle' in San Juan. How I wish I was there right now!

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FTC Disclosure: I have NOT been compensated for this post. This is my own photo!