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Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's Words of Inspiration - Re-visit your Life Path! #MotivationMonday

Photo Credit: Tracy Iglesias, Ascending Butterfly taken at New York Botanical Gardens

Butterflies, BlogHer12 was over-whelming and I am probably still trying to process it all, I will spread my recaps out slowly so they can be truly thought-filled and insightful.

I did like the fact that a Healthminder and Pathfinder track was added to the conference, I'm not sure I like that they were a separate price, but I do think that they were equally helpful to both newbie bloggers and still had something to offer more 'senior' bloggers in attendance. (By senior I mean 'experienced' and at this point that would include me!)

Those panels and tracks inspired me, they forced me to have a re-think both personally and professionally about where I am and where I want to be!

One of the biggest take aways for me was geting back to the writing that makes me the happiest. And truly having a look at where I want to be as a blogger. To many of us our blogs probably started as just our 'life' or at least much of it as are willing to share and for some that becomes a Brand. But is that brand genuine? Does it still truly reflect the real you?

At heart I'm a Coach. I motivate people. I help people in my circles and my life to solve problems. I like to inspire. And my medical setback this year coupled with what I learned during my time at BlogHer has made me realize that I was much happier when I focused on Today's Words of Inspiration. Somehow along the way, and I guess it's because as this community, people wanted to know the face behind the inspirations, people wanted to make sure this wasn't a bot but a real person they could relate to, that I opened up more. And when I opened up more, this site went from 'inspirational' to 'lifestyle'. And for awhile I love that and it fueled me to. But I realized after this very long conference experience, that I miss 'inspiration'. I missed the motivation. This community was founded on learning on to take time for yourself each and everyday and just breathe. Saying your breathing affirmational excercises once to start your day and once to end it.

I will admit that the self -reflection as well blog-reflection has made me realize that I am also a passionate travel writer (I did work for an Airline many moons ago) and I need to explore this more in 2013, but I don't ever want Ascending Butterfly to lose it's 'roots', inspiration is our foundation and it's high time we re-explored it here!

Todays Challenge: Re-visit your Life Path.

Pretend you are going on a job interview for the job of your life, and you get asked these three questions:

(1) What are you most passionate about?

(2) Where do you see yourself not just in five years, but NEXT year?

(3) Are you happy? (OK this one might be a stretch on a job interview, but it is appropriate to ask yourself to help re-evaluate where you are right now)

Here are my answers:

(1) Writing - It started with Poetry as a kid, and never stopped!

(2) Next Year - Transitioning to travel blogging. Five Years: Writing a book about those experiences!

(3) I'm grateful, but haven't quite been as happy as I could be lately (<-Perhaps I need to do more breathing affirmational excercises daily myself!)

Today's Words of Inspiration and Breathing Affirmational Excercise: Take a deep breath, hold it and say to yourself 'Each and everyday I pursue my true passion, I move closer towards my goals.' and then exhale. Changing a behavior or thought comes with repitition, it helps to repeat affirmations in blocks, so say that out loud or to yourself three times in succession multipe times per day. While we will post new affirmations frequently if one truly resonates with you above others, then stick to that one as your daily so you can really manifest positive and powerful changes in your life.

Will you re-visit your life path today? Did you re-visit it and find out you want to change it? If so, how? Where do you want to be headed?

Happy Motivation Monday Butterflies! More BlogHer recaps and a BlogHer 2012 Pinterest Board coming soon!

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