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{#Movie Review} @Disconnect_Film in select theaters Friday, April 12th, 2013! Is the Film Debut of @marcjacobs a ticket or skip it?

Last week was a super busy week for me butterflies, jam packed with back to back events both day and night, and then my birthday, then a long weekend away (ironically enough, entirely DISCONNECTED and tech free), and now have over 7,000 emails to contend with in just one of my accounts, so me being in chicken without a head mode, I almost forgot there is a specific order I need to share my event recaps from last week in to have them make any sense for you!

I got to see a Press Screening of the movie Disconnect, which hits select theaters tomorrow, Friday, April 12th 2013. Because of my crazy schedule I didn't have much time to do any research on the title, but was super excited to discover that this release is also the film debut of Fashion Designer extraordinaire whose handbags I've long been obsessed with, Marc Jacobs! And then as the movie introduces the characters I was super excited to see Alexander Skarsgard who also plays Eric in my favorite TV series, HBO's True Blood!


A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can't find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site. They are strangers, neighbors and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world.

En Espanol:

Un abogado muy trabajador, atado a su teléfono celular, no puede encontrar el tiempo para comunicarse con su familia. Una pareja se coloca en una situación peligrosa al sus secretos exponen en línea. Un ex policía viudo lucha para criar a un hijo travieso que ciber-matones un compañero de clase. Una periodista ambiciosa ve una historia que puede hacer su carrera en un adolescente que lleva a cabo en un sitio sólo para adultos. Son extraños, vecinos y colegas y chocan sus historias en este fascinante thriller dramático sobre personas comunes y corrientes que luchan conectar en el mundo por cable de hoy.



Jason Bateman plays Rich Boyd in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Hope Davis plays Lydia Boyd in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Frank Grillo plays Mike Dixon in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Paula Patton plays Cindy Hull in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Andrea Riseborough plays Nina Dunham in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Alexander Skarsgard plays Derek Hull in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Michael Nyqvist plays Schumacher in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th
Max Thieriot plays Kyle in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Colin Ford plays Jason Dixon in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th
Jonah Bobo plays Ben Boyd in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Haley Ramm plays Abby Boyd in Disconnect, hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

Left: Max Thieriot who plays Kyle and Right: Marc Jacobs who plays Harvey in  the movie release Disconnect, which hits select theaters Friday, April 12th

My Take:

This film is kind of where 'Crash' meets 'the ills of modern day technology'. Is our society so dependent on technology that it's becoming oblivious to not just those across the globe, but those in the SAME room? Director Henry-Alex Rubin (son of art historian James H. Rubin) directs a strong cast. The movie is well paced and intense and Marc Jacobs is an interesting presence as Harvey, who lures young teens into becoming sex cam models. He doesn't play a nice guy here, so should it scare us all that he did it very well or should we just admire the newest skill he is adding to his already impressive resume?

It's actually the younger members of the cast who really shine here, the exploration of how cyber-bullying so adversely affects young people and their families is accurate, and if it doesn't scare parents into being more vigilant about what their children are really up to, then nothing will. Frank Grillo does a good job at portraying ex-NYPD officer Mike Dixon who after losing his wife and wanting to be home more for their son, becomes an investigator who has no idea that his own child is a cyber-bully. and while I have never been much of a fan, I will admit Jason Bateman gives a solid performance here as an ambitious lawyer who is forced to confront his lack of family presence when a prank gone horribly wrong causes his own son to attempt to take his own life (played expertly by Jonah Bobo who was also in Crazy, Stupid, Love. or if you have young kiddos you will probably recognize his voice as 'Austin' on the Nickelodeon series 'Backyardiagns' as well as the voice of 'Todd' in the animated video The Fox and the Hound 2').

Get Social:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Get the latest movie updates by following @Disconnect_Film via Twitter

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - You can also check out the latest news on their Facebook page (and you can press the video trailer above to go straight to the YouTube page for the film).

I definitely say 'Ticket' butterflies, and if you do see it this weekend, please come back here and share your thoughts!

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Wordless Wednesday: Blessed are the Weird!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Butterflies! Bloggers please feel free to post the link to your Wordless Wednesday posts as a comment, so we can all go visit you too!

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I'm Getting Positvely Radiant with Aveeno®! #AVEENOActiveNaturals

When your use of a brand spans your entire lifetime to date, you know it's a brand you can trust. While my memory doesn't go back that far, Mama Butterfly tells me I suffered from severe heat rash even as an infant, and when she checked with the doctor about what to do, instead of a prescription for something chemicals laden and bad for any skin, nevertheless an infant's, the Doctor recommended she use Aveeno® products on my skin and she tried it and it worked like a charm. So my first introduction to the brand goes back a long way!

She was impressed with how well my skin responded to the products then, and it still works just as well for me now, my skin thankfully is not as sensitive now as it was then, but it is acne prone and like most skin, reflects bad habits like lack of sleep, poor eating habits, or sensitivity since I test out a wide variety of products. But my Doctor's advice then, still holds true now, use products on your skin that you can pronounce ALL the ingredients for.

I just got introduced to some new products from Aveeno®, and before I even started putting them to the test, I was impressed with the ingredients list for Aveeno® Active Naturals products:

Moisture: OAT - Colloidal Oatmeal, a rich mixture of components found in Oat Seed

Skin Tone: SOY - Soy Complex helps to naturally even out skin tone and texture

Redness: FEVERFEW - has anti-irritant and anti-oxidant abilities,  improves the appearance of redness and calms irritated skin

Nourish: WHEAT - Helps to replenish moisture

Youthfulness: SHITAKE - Works in harmony with  your skin's unique chemistry

Softness: SEAWEED - is rich is VITAMINS (ahem some very pricey beauty products contain this ingredient at 10 times or more the price! Just saying!)

Antioxidant: SOUTHERNWOOD - fortifies your skin's moisture barrier

Botanical: LUPINE - essential amino acids are found in this plant!

Water Repellant: LOTUS - in this instance the use of Lotus repelling water is a GOOD thing, it helps the sunscreen formulas to adhere to your skin even when it's wet so you have continuous sun protection.

Sometimes it's what NOT in a product that speaks volumes! Natural ingredients soothe your skin so you end up feeling not only softer and smoother, but you can combat redness, irritation and protect your skin's moisture barrier!

Here is a picture of the products I have been testing out:

Aveeno Active Naturals and Positively Radiant Moisturizers/Lotions for Face and Body

What I tried:


My Take:

This is where science meets nature to make products that are good for your skin! You know how much I love sharing affirmations and meditations, so today repeat after me 'I affirm that I deserve and have beautiful, youthful and healthy skin!'. I start with the Skin Brightening Cleanser in the morning and then the apply the Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 (as I lost my Auntie Butterfly to skin cancer, products that protect from the harmful UVA/UVB rays is incredibly important to me!), at night I remove any makeup with the Cleansing Pads (one side is gently textured so it will help to mildly exfoliate your skin, and the other is soft and has foaming skin cleansers and natural soy extract), and then on alternating nights in addition to removing makeup with the pads I will also use the skin brightening daily scrub. (Cleansing Pad Tip: I like to take along a few of the cleansing pads in a clear plastic bag, they are great pre gym workout to help you remove any foundation so you don't sweat the makeup into your eyes which burns!). Do something good for your skin each and every day and trust me when I tell you that you use less makeup when you have a good skin regimen in place!

Twitter Party: (Here is YOUR chance to nab these great products too!)

You all know how much I love 'the tweety box' and how much I love twitter parties, so I would be remiss as 'The Official #TwitterPartyDJ' if I neglected to let you know that there will be an Aveeno® Sponsored Twitter Party this month, so SAVE THE DATE:

Date: April 22, 2013

Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Hashtag: #AveenoActiveNaturals

Hosts: @chicanol, @ClubdelasDiosas, @MamaHolistica, @Mejoramihogar, @NaturalmentMama

Moderators: @lbconnect, @laflowers

Sponsor: Aveeno®


3 WinnersAveeno® Products valued at $100 AND a $50 Gift Card

Eligibility: Join the party by participating during the hour using the hashtag #AveenoActiveNaturals, and your own original tweets, re-tweets will not count as entries. You must answer giveaway questions correctly during the party to be eligible for all party prizes.

NOTE: I am not a host or co-host, please direct any questions regarding this twitter party to the hosts directly!

Butterfly, What is YOUR Favorite Aveeno® Product?

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Who won the @janeiredale #Beauty #Giveaway on @Ascending1, Is it YOU?

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Teresa Koedyker who won our @janeiredale PureGloss Lip Gloss and Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara Giveaway!  (her winning entry was #430!) Join me in congratulating her!

Our annual 'It's MY Birthday, but YOU Get the Gifts' promotions has begun! Don't forget to enter our latest giveaway in the promotion:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me birthday messages via Facebook and Twitter, it is much appreciated! I'll be taking some time to celebrate this weekend!

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Share, Love, Celebrate the Best of @PGeveryday with @SheSpeaksUp @TerrenceJ and @Ascending1 #PGmostloved #spon

On March 26th I shared a winner announcement and RSVP information for a special twitter party, in case you missed the original post you can just click here and check it out! I was so happy to see that so many of my butterflies participated in the party! I was live tweeting from New York City with the @SheSpeaksUp team with a special celebrity guest who was also the 'Master of Ceremonies' for the fun that was happening at the live event as well as during the Twitter Party itself, Terrence Jenkins from E! News (who goes by @TerrenceJ on twitter!). Terrence shared his enthusiasm for P&G as well as personal stories and jokes, as well photo-bombing a few attendees and taking pictures with everyone.

Household name Procter & Gamble (P&G) is celebrating the hundreds of awards that their brands have received from leading magazines, some of the brands being celebrated include: CoverGirl®, Olay®, Pantene®, Venus®, Gillette® Bounty®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Dawn®, Febreze®, Swiffer® and Tide®.

I thought I'd share a behind the scenes in pictures of what the event was like:

We started out by grabbing a signature mocktail called the 'Best-ini' which consisted of pineapple, sparkling white grape juice and garnished with 24K Gold!

Signature Mocktail Cocktail with pineapple sparking white grape juice garnished with 24K Gold
Signature mocktail -'Best-ini' - pineapple, sparkling white grape juice garnished with 24K Gold

And there was also some eats to go along with the Mocktails!

Mocktail, Cocktail, Pineapple, Sparkling White Grape Juice, 24K Gold Garnish
Signature Mocktail Cocktail made with pineapple, sparking white grape juice, garnished with 24K Gold + eats!

After grabbing a quick bite it was time to check out the different stations, this was the first one:

Bun Updo Instructions
Instructions on how to make bun updo using a donut hole (hair tool, not a real donut!)

How to make an updo with a donut hole instructions:

(1) Make a ponytail as high or low as desired

(2) Pull pony tail through the donut hole

(3) Wrap excess hair around the donut making sure the donut is fully covered

(4) Secure with Bobby Pins

Tips: Better with day old hair. For Fullness and texture, tease hair before wrapping around the donut. Here are the tools use:

Mirror, Brush, comb, Donut Holes for hair, ponytail holders, bobby pins
Bun Updo Station: Ponytail holders, Brush, Comb to tease, Bobby Pins, Donut Holes and Mirror

Mama Butterfly decided to get an updo:

Bun, Updo, Hair, Hairdo
Left: Mama Butterfly getting an updo bun!

Getting her updo finalized:

Left: Mama Butterfly getting her bun updo hairdo finalized!

What better way to get your tresses bouncing and behaving than with Pantene:

#PGmostloved tweet up event New York City, Pantene, Hairspray, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair, Hair Care
Let Love Wash Over You - Pantene Products Vignette at #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City!

Super cute Pantene products vignette at #PGmostloved Tweet Up in New York City

What better to follow up haircare and hair styles than with Skincare?

Skincare, Olay, #PGmostloved
Love is a Fountain of Youth - Lovely Fountain Vignette overflowing with great skincare products by Olay!

Check out this display of Olay products:

Olay, Olay Bodywash, Olay serum, Olay regenerist, #PGmostloved
Display of Olay Products at #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City

Mama Butterfly was super excited to see the Olay Display and learn what's new, she is a regular user of Olay skincare, it's what keeps her skin so young looking! I can't wait to try these out!

Be a Goddess of Love Venus Display at #PGmostloved Tweet up Event in New York City

Part of great skincare is keeping certain parts smooth and hairfree, and keeping armpits and legs soft and smooth with Gillette Venus razors for women makes it easy!

The Venus ProSkin razor, Gillette, Moisture Rich
The Venus ProSkin razor 

The Venus ProSkin razor is designed with 3 blades and lubricating MoistureRich  Shave gel bars for a comfortable shave and beautifully smooth skin.

• 3 blades and built-in MoistureRich Gel Bars with extra-rich body butters for a smooth shave
• Simply wet the razor for skin-loving light lather and a smooth shave
• For best results, hang razor on shower hook to air dry between uses
• Easy-to-change cartridges

and Gillette didn't forget the men:

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash, #PGmostloved, Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer
Gillette 'Love Me Tender' Product Display at #PGmostloved tweet up in New York City

The Gillette Hydrator Body Wash for men and the Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer for men were part of the shaving station for men at the #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City!

Mascara, eyeliner, Covergirl, Let Your Heart Flutter, #PGmostloved
Let Your Heart Flutter Cosmetics Station Product Display at #PGmostloved tweet up in New York City

This of course was my favorite display station, "Let Your Heart Flutter' was such a cheery and creative display using CoverGirl®mascaras as the sunflower on the lower left and those butterflies were actually eyeliners from CoverGirl®

sunflower, covergirl, mascara, #pgmostloved
Sunflower made of CoverGirl Mascaras at #Pgmostloved Tweet Up event in New York City

I thought that was totally creative!

CoverGirl Eye Liner, Butterfly, #pgmostloved
Closeup of Butterfly made of CoverGirl eyeliner!

This is a totally creative butterfly made of CoverGirl eyeliner!

Super cute False Eyelashes!

There were even instructions on how to apply them:

Instructions for the Application of False Eyelashes

How to apply False Eyelashes:

(1) Remove False Eyelashes from their container
(2) Draw a small straight line of lash glue on the container
(3) Take a Q-tip and dip in the glue
(4) Aplly glue with Q-tip on flash eyelash lash line
(5) Hold lash in both hands and put on top of your lash line
(6) Hold in place for 20 seconds until fake lash is attached
(7) Rrepeat with second lash

Cleanliness is Next to Loveliness - Charmin and Dawn Housecare Products Display Station

There were super creative display stations for various P&G household cleaning favorites including a very creative Peacock: (Can you guess what the peacock is made out of?)

Peacock, Swiffer, Swiffer Dusters, Household Cleaning Products, #PGmostloved
Swiffer Duster Peacock Display at #PGmostloved tweetup in New York City

Had to get a closeup of this Peacock that was made with Swiffer Dusters, How Creative is That?

Swiffer Dusters, Swiffer, Household Cleaning Products, Peacock, #pgmostloved
Closeup of Swiffer Duster Peacock Product Display at #PGmostloved tweetup in New York City

Check out this cute use of Pods:

Tide, Tide Pods, Birds Nest, Love is in the air, #pgmostloved
Love is in the Air - Birds Nest with Tide Pods inside instead of birds!

After checking out all the stations there was time to grab another signature mocktail and some eats and mix and mingle, and then there was a raffle, Master of Ceremonies, Terrence Jenkins from E! Online got ready to announce the winner:

Terrence Jenkins of E! Online News gets ready to announce raffle winner at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City, hey notice any difference in this photo from the others? This was taken with my iPod Touch instead of my camera so I could post it on twitter!

When he went to draw the winner's name, this little cutie stepped up to help draw the winner:

Terrence Jenkins about to announce the winner with some help from  a young member of the crowd! - I also took this shot with my iPod so I could post on twitter during the #PGmostloved Tweetup in New York City!

She's definitely a little emcee in the making, everyone just couldn't help but smile! Lastly the winner claims his prize:

Terrence Jenkins gives raffle winner his prize at #PGmostloved Tweet Up  Event in New York City - I also took this with my iPod instead of Camera so I could post it to twitter!
The raffle winner was totally surprised! I got this shot in action so my apologies for the slight blur, but I will admit the three above shots came out pretty good for it being with the iPod instead of a real camera!

Terrence Jenkins, @TerrenceJ, E!, E! Online News, #PGmostloved
Left: Terrence J and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City!

Of course my eyes were closed so we took another one:

Terrence Jenkins, Terrence J, E! Online News, Ascending Butterfly, #PGmostloved, Tweet Up Event, New York City
Left: Terrence Jenkins of E!Online News and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City

I realized that I had my glasses on, and Terrence was patient enough to pose for another photo! :)

Left: Terrence Jenkins of E!Online News and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City

This was the most unique 'Make Your Own Swag Bag' event that I have ever attended! We got to visit with each station and learn what was new, and take the products that we liked best! Pretty Cool! Here is a picture of me and mama butterfly holding up our P&G Treasures:

Left: Ascending Butterfly Right: Mama Butterfly holding up our custom swag bags at the #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City!
We participated in the #PGmostloved twitter party with a ton of great bloggers, the team at She Speaks and Special Guest Terrence 'J' Jenkins of E! News.

My Take:

The Team at She Speaks really knows how to treat their bloggers! They provided us with roundtrip carservice to and from the Tweet Up which was such a thoughtful touch, and I thought the stations were very creative and allowing us to custom design our own swag bags was also a very neat touch! If only all Twitter Parties were this carefully crafted! I normally host twitter parties from my own computer by myself so participating in an actual live 'tweet up' twitter party was super fun and WAY more interactive!

Get Social:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Follow @SheSpeaksUp on twitter to participate in other great promotions and twitter parties!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Follow @PGeveryday on twitter to participate in their great promotions too!

And hopefully you remembered to pick up the P&G brandSAVER Coupon Booklet in local newspapers on March 31st to save on P&G's award-winning brands!

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FTC Disclosure:received VIP perks as a SheSpeaks blogger for this program including transportation to and from the tweet up event as well as a swagbag, however no monetary compensation has been received and all opinions are 100% my own!