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Monday, January 20, 2014

Do you have what it takes to raise a future Olympian? @Bounty thinks you do! #TeamUSA #HockeyMoms #BringIt

Bounty, #BringIt, P&G Team USA Youth Sports Fund
Bounty is calling all moms to share their athlete's messy in-home training moments, for every story shared with @Bounty via twitter using the hashtag #BringIt, Bounty will donate one dollar to the P&G Team USA Youth Sports Fund to help aspiring athletes pursue their Olympic Dreams!

There is a reason that across the board, be it an athlete, a celebrity, or anyone winning an award of any kind really thank God and their Mom first. We start life with a cheerleader who is always on our team. Who is there no matter how messy life gets. Who catches us when we fall, encourages us when we fail and teaches us when to laugh at ourselves and how to be good sports. Lessons we take with us no matter where the road leads.

P&G has been thanking and celebrating moms and one of the ways you may already know about is with the P&G Thank You, Mom | Pick Them Back Up | Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games commercial, here it is from YouTube in case you missed it:

The touching and heartfelt moments shared are those moments that many moms can relate to. Those laughs, tears, successes, triumphs, and bumps in the road that all make up motherhood.

Bounty invited a select group of Bloggers to enjoy a dinner with Team USA Hockey Moms as well as Olympian Julie Chu and her "#BringIt" Mom Miriam. Linda Lamoureux, mom of Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux, Marilyn Decker, mom of Brianna Decker, Mary Duggan, Mom of Meghan Duggan, Ahlise Coyne, mom of Kendall Coyne, and Maura Bellamy, mom of Kacey Bellamy.

Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog
Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog was the panel moderator

There was a moderated panel first which was moderated by Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog who asked the Team USA Hockey Moms to share about their messiest moments raising their amazing Olympian daughters as well as the things that most people don't get to hear, like Financing the career of an aspiring Olympian. Many moms shared about their messiest moments being picked up with Bounty, but they also shared about being honest with their children about the Family's Finances at all times, the cost of the equipment, gas to travel to matches, and everything in between. Raising an Olympian can really add up folks! Which is why I think it's great that P&G is offering to help P&G Team USA Youth Sports Fund to help aspiring athletes pursue their Olympic Dreams!

Center holding Microphone Olympian Julie Chu, Right: (seated) her mom Miriam

Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms Panel
Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms Panel

Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms Panel
Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms Panel

Vera Sweeney Moderates Panel with Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms
Vera Sweeney Moderates Panel with Team USA Olympic Hockey Moms - Love that I caught Miriam's hands in motion!

After the panel we got to enjoy dinner with the Team USA Hockey Moms, and there was a different mom at each table, I had the pleasure of enjoying Ahlise Coyne's company during dinner, and loved the extra touch of a recipe booklet that included a recipe from each mom (I will try to scan these and post them to a pinterest board as soon as possible), recipes included: Pepperoni Bake, Chicken Enchiladas, Miriam's Famous Pork Rib, White Chili, Stuffed Green Peppers for 6, and Angel Hair Pasta!

Tracy from Ascending Butterfly and Right: Ahlise Coyne, mom of Olympian Kendall Coyne
Left: ME! Tracy from Ascending Butterfly and Right: Ahlise Coyne, mom of Olympian Kendall Coyne - I thought it was super cool of her to put her pin on me to take the photo!

Ahlise was definitely a great sport and she has a great sense of humor, I think our table was probably the loudest as we were laughing a lot and having a great time! We even tried to convince her to start a blog. Especially starting with her Olympic experience at Sochi this year!

Left: Geanine from Macaroni Kid (East Bronx/NYC Downtown), to her right ME! Tracy from Ascending Butterfly, Center: Ahlise Coyne mom of Olympian Kendall Coyne, to her right Kimmie Smith who pens Kitten Lounge and is an accessories expert and to her right is her lovely sister! Photo Credit: Geanine P.

My Take:

Raising an Olympian has its share of messy moments but with love, laughter and patience it's definitely possible! And when life gets messy it certainly can't hurt to have extra Bounty on hand to pick it up!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a compensated post, however I was provided with a Gift Bag and a great dinner! However, All opinions are 100% my own!  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Share, Love, Celebrate the Best of @PGeveryday with @SheSpeaksUp @TerrenceJ and @Ascending1 #PGmostloved #spon

On March 26th I shared a winner announcement and RSVP information for a special twitter party, in case you missed the original post you can just click here and check it out! I was so happy to see that so many of my butterflies participated in the party! I was live tweeting from New York City with the @SheSpeaksUp team with a special celebrity guest who was also the 'Master of Ceremonies' for the fun that was happening at the live event as well as during the Twitter Party itself, Terrence Jenkins from E! News (who goes by @TerrenceJ on twitter!). Terrence shared his enthusiasm for P&G as well as personal stories and jokes, as well photo-bombing a few attendees and taking pictures with everyone.

Household name Procter & Gamble (P&G) is celebrating the hundreds of awards that their brands have received from leading magazines, some of the brands being celebrated include: CoverGirl®, Olay®, Pantene®, Venus®, Gillette® Bounty®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Dawn®, Febreze®, Swiffer® and Tide®.

I thought I'd share a behind the scenes in pictures of what the event was like:

We started out by grabbing a signature mocktail called the 'Best-ini' which consisted of pineapple, sparkling white grape juice and garnished with 24K Gold!

Signature Mocktail Cocktail with pineapple sparking white grape juice garnished with 24K Gold
Signature mocktail -'Best-ini' - pineapple, sparkling white grape juice garnished with 24K Gold

And there was also some eats to go along with the Mocktails!

Mocktail, Cocktail, Pineapple, Sparkling White Grape Juice, 24K Gold Garnish
Signature Mocktail Cocktail made with pineapple, sparking white grape juice, garnished with 24K Gold + eats!

After grabbing a quick bite it was time to check out the different stations, this was the first one:

Bun Updo Instructions
Instructions on how to make bun updo using a donut hole (hair tool, not a real donut!)

How to make an updo with a donut hole instructions:

(1) Make a ponytail as high or low as desired

(2) Pull pony tail through the donut hole

(3) Wrap excess hair around the donut making sure the donut is fully covered

(4) Secure with Bobby Pins

Tips: Better with day old hair. For Fullness and texture, tease hair before wrapping around the donut. Here are the tools use:

Mirror, Brush, comb, Donut Holes for hair, ponytail holders, bobby pins
Bun Updo Station: Ponytail holders, Brush, Comb to tease, Bobby Pins, Donut Holes and Mirror

Mama Butterfly decided to get an updo:

Bun, Updo, Hair, Hairdo
Left: Mama Butterfly getting an updo bun!

Getting her updo finalized:

Left: Mama Butterfly getting her bun updo hairdo finalized!

What better way to get your tresses bouncing and behaving than with Pantene:

#PGmostloved tweet up event New York City, Pantene, Hairspray, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair, Hair Care
Let Love Wash Over You - Pantene Products Vignette at #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City!

Super cute Pantene products vignette at #PGmostloved Tweet Up in New York City

What better to follow up haircare and hair styles than with Skincare?

Skincare, Olay, #PGmostloved
Love is a Fountain of Youth - Lovely Fountain Vignette overflowing with great skincare products by Olay!

Check out this display of Olay products:

Olay, Olay Bodywash, Olay serum, Olay regenerist, #PGmostloved
Display of Olay Products at #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City

Mama Butterfly was super excited to see the Olay Display and learn what's new, she is a regular user of Olay skincare, it's what keeps her skin so young looking! I can't wait to try these out!

Be a Goddess of Love Venus Display at #PGmostloved Tweet up Event in New York City

Part of great skincare is keeping certain parts smooth and hairfree, and keeping armpits and legs soft and smooth with Gillette Venus razors for women makes it easy!

The Venus ProSkin razor, Gillette, Moisture Rich
The Venus ProSkin razor 

The Venus ProSkin razor is designed with 3 blades and lubricating MoistureRich  Shave gel bars for a comfortable shave and beautifully smooth skin.

• 3 blades and built-in MoistureRich Gel Bars with extra-rich body butters for a smooth shave
• Simply wet the razor for skin-loving light lather and a smooth shave
• For best results, hang razor on shower hook to air dry between uses
• Easy-to-change cartridges

and Gillette didn't forget the men:

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash, #PGmostloved, Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer
Gillette 'Love Me Tender' Product Display at #PGmostloved tweet up in New York City

The Gillette Hydrator Body Wash for men and the Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer for men were part of the shaving station for men at the #PGmostloved tweet up event in New York City!

Mascara, eyeliner, Covergirl, Let Your Heart Flutter, #PGmostloved
Let Your Heart Flutter Cosmetics Station Product Display at #PGmostloved tweet up in New York City

This of course was my favorite display station, "Let Your Heart Flutter' was such a cheery and creative display using CoverGirl®mascaras as the sunflower on the lower left and those butterflies were actually eyeliners from CoverGirl®

sunflower, covergirl, mascara, #pgmostloved
Sunflower made of CoverGirl Mascaras at #Pgmostloved Tweet Up event in New York City

I thought that was totally creative!

CoverGirl Eye Liner, Butterfly, #pgmostloved
Closeup of Butterfly made of CoverGirl eyeliner!

This is a totally creative butterfly made of CoverGirl eyeliner!

Super cute False Eyelashes!

There were even instructions on how to apply them:

Instructions for the Application of False Eyelashes

How to apply False Eyelashes:

(1) Remove False Eyelashes from their container
(2) Draw a small straight line of lash glue on the container
(3) Take a Q-tip and dip in the glue
(4) Aplly glue with Q-tip on flash eyelash lash line
(5) Hold lash in both hands and put on top of your lash line
(6) Hold in place for 20 seconds until fake lash is attached
(7) Rrepeat with second lash

Cleanliness is Next to Loveliness - Charmin and Dawn Housecare Products Display Station

There were super creative display stations for various P&G household cleaning favorites including a very creative Peacock: (Can you guess what the peacock is made out of?)

Peacock, Swiffer, Swiffer Dusters, Household Cleaning Products, #PGmostloved
Swiffer Duster Peacock Display at #PGmostloved tweetup in New York City

Had to get a closeup of this Peacock that was made with Swiffer Dusters, How Creative is That?

Swiffer Dusters, Swiffer, Household Cleaning Products, Peacock, #pgmostloved
Closeup of Swiffer Duster Peacock Product Display at #PGmostloved tweetup in New York City

Check out this cute use of Pods:

Tide, Tide Pods, Birds Nest, Love is in the air, #pgmostloved
Love is in the Air - Birds Nest with Tide Pods inside instead of birds!

After checking out all the stations there was time to grab another signature mocktail and some eats and mix and mingle, and then there was a raffle, Master of Ceremonies, Terrence Jenkins from E! Online got ready to announce the winner:

Terrence Jenkins of E! Online News gets ready to announce raffle winner at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City, hey notice any difference in this photo from the others? This was taken with my iPod Touch instead of my camera so I could post it on twitter!

When he went to draw the winner's name, this little cutie stepped up to help draw the winner:

Terrence Jenkins about to announce the winner with some help from  a young member of the crowd! - I also took this shot with my iPod so I could post on twitter during the #PGmostloved Tweetup in New York City!

She's definitely a little emcee in the making, everyone just couldn't help but smile! Lastly the winner claims his prize:

Terrence Jenkins gives raffle winner his prize at #PGmostloved Tweet Up  Event in New York City - I also took this with my iPod instead of Camera so I could post it to twitter!
The raffle winner was totally surprised! I got this shot in action so my apologies for the slight blur, but I will admit the three above shots came out pretty good for it being with the iPod instead of a real camera!

Terrence Jenkins, @TerrenceJ, E!, E! Online News, #PGmostloved
Left: Terrence J and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City!

Of course my eyes were closed so we took another one:

Terrence Jenkins, Terrence J, E! Online News, Ascending Butterfly, #PGmostloved, Tweet Up Event, New York City
Left: Terrence Jenkins of E!Online News and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City

I realized that I had my glasses on, and Terrence was patient enough to pose for another photo! :)

Left: Terrence Jenkins of E!Online News and Right: Ascending Butterfly at #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City

This was the most unique 'Make Your Own Swag Bag' event that I have ever attended! We got to visit with each station and learn what was new, and take the products that we liked best! Pretty Cool! Here is a picture of me and mama butterfly holding up our P&G Treasures:

Left: Ascending Butterfly Right: Mama Butterfly holding up our custom swag bags at the #PGmostloved Tweet Up Event in New York City!
We participated in the #PGmostloved twitter party with a ton of great bloggers, the team at She Speaks and Special Guest Terrence 'J' Jenkins of E! News.

My Take:

The Team at She Speaks really knows how to treat their bloggers! They provided us with roundtrip carservice to and from the Tweet Up which was such a thoughtful touch, and I thought the stations were very creative and allowing us to custom design our own swag bags was also a very neat touch! If only all Twitter Parties were this carefully crafted! I normally host twitter parties from my own computer by myself so participating in an actual live 'tweet up' twitter party was super fun and WAY more interactive!

Get Social:

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Follow @PGeveryday on twitter to participate in their great promotions too!

And hopefully you remembered to pick up the P&G brandSAVER Coupon Booklet in local newspapers on March 31st to save on P&G's award-winning brands!

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FTC Disclosure:received VIP perks as a SheSpeaks blogger for this program including transportation to and from the tweet up event as well as a swagbag, however no monetary compensation has been received and all opinions are 100% my own!