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Wordless Wednesday: Was I somewhere over the rainbow or @elementsshow Rooftop Beach Party? #elementsnyc

Everytime I spot a rainbow I get a bit excited! I was lucky enough to snap a picture of this rainbow behind The New Yorker sign while attending a Rooftop Beach Party as part of Elements Showcase in New York City. Elements was fantastic and will get a full recap with all the brands I met in another post!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Butterflies! Bloggers feel free to share the link to your Wordless Wednesday Photo as a comment to this post and we will go visit you too! (Sorry, but NO giveaway links please!)

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored Post! (Although compensation does always make for a lovely find at the end of a rainbow! Any Rainbow Coalitions that want to buy this shot, feel free to email me!)

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Why should @polyvore send @Tracy_Iglesias of @Ascending1 to New York Fashion Week? #NYFW #sendmetoFW

Why should @polyvore send Ascending Butterfly to New York Fashion Week?
Like by clicking HERE and pressing on the red heart!

Polyvore is sending one member of their community to New York Fashion Week and of course they came up with the neat contest idea of having members create a Polyvore Board that answers: Why should @polyvore send you to New York Fashion Week? and this was my board for my contest entry! If you think it's as cute and cheeky and totally butterfly fabulous as I do, head on over using the link above and press on the red heart to give my Polyvore Board a like!

Wouldn't you love seeing your favorite NYC Butterfly Loving Blogger covering what's hot on the runway as a Polyvore Correspondent?

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored Post, this is only a contest entry, I have not received any incentives for sharing my contest entry for Polyvore's New York Fashion Week Contest. I just really hope I win!

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{#Theatre Review} Have you made your appointment for the @SoulDoctor yet? If not, you definitely should! #Broadway

Soul Doctor Playbill signed by Eric Anderson who portrays Shlomo (signature on bottom right) and Amber Iman who plays Nina Simone (signature on top left)
Soul Doctor Playbill signed by Eric Anderson who portrays Shlomo Carlebach (signature on bottom right) and Amber Iman who plays Nina Simone (signature on top left)

So after spending a year and a half in the hospital I wasn't totally convinced I wanted to watch anything that had 'Doctor' in the title, but some of my most magical memories have come from nights on Broadway with family and friends. It's the one thing that most lifelong New Yorkers can agree is one the best perks of living in this insane city. The city that never sleeps is always 'Go, Go, Go!' but when you go to the Theatre, the City slows down and when the lights go down you just somehow surrender and allow yourself to be transported.

While I am not Jewish, a little known Ascending Butterfly fact is that I worked for a Jewish Theological Seminary here in New York City for a Rabbi who taught me so much about the Jewish Faith, that when I learned that this was in fact based on the true story of the life and the music of Shlomo Carlebach I was very much intrigued.

About Soul Doctor:

Soul Doctor tells the fascinating story of the father of popular Jewish Music, Shlomo Carlebach, and his unlikely friendship with Nina Simone. A modern-day troubadour, Shlomo ignited the spirit of millions around the world with his soul-stirring melodies, transformative storytelling and boundless love.

After his escape from Nazi Germany, the young Rabbi befriended the legendary jazz singer Nina Simone who introduced him to soul and gospel music. With the "High Priestess of Soul" as his inspiration, Shlomo created a joyous new sound with melodies that fused his roots with American Popular Music. His meteoric rise as a "Rock Star Rabbi" as he struggled to harmonize his traditional beliefs with the "free love" generation of the 1960's features his timeless hits in a rocking score woven together by the orchestrator of The Who's Tommy and Elton John's Aida.

Soul Doctor Cast in Alphabetical Order Theatre Signage Watermarked
Soul Doctor Cast in Alphabetical Order Theatre Signage for our early August Performance at Circle in the Square Theatre


Visit Soul Doctor's website for the Full Cast and Crew list HERE.

Eric Anderson stars as Shlomo, he was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his portrayal of Shlomo in the NYTW production of Soul Doctor. His Broadway credits include: Kinky Boots (which you guys know is my personal pick of my favorite Broadway Show for 2013), and South Pacific.

Amber Iman plays Nina Simone in  her SPECTACULAR Broadway Debut! (she was fantastic) Off Broadway, she has appeared in Rent, and A Civil War.

I was lucky enough to get both Eric Anderson and Amber Iman (pictured above) to sign my playbill after the performance, and she posed for a picture too and was genuine, warm and open to all the fans who approached her! Team Butterfly was being silly and goofing around saying 'Just one more baby it's the flash, yeah, it's the flash', and our cheesy Eddie Murphy impression made her crack up! I will never forget this shot, so her autograph of my playbill will make that moment and that show so much more meaningful for me!
Get Social:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - "Like" Soul Doctor on Facebook

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Follow @SoulDoctor on Twitter

My Take:

I enjoyed Soul Doctor, it was well-cast, and while the subject matter isn't always light-hearted, you are drawn into the performance and the journey as the character's develop. Eric delivers a strong performance as Schlomo Carlebach, and Amber Iman also delivers a strong and dynamic debut performance in her role as Nina Simone. They both had big shoes to fill that's for sure, and they both delivered, they had an ease and comfort with each other and there was so much electricity in their scenes together as well.

As a fab frugalista in a super expensive city, I'm the first to tell you that Broadway is NOT cheap, so the biggest compliment that I can give a show is that if I weren't press, would I have paid to see it and still been happy? YES. I would definitely have left just as happy if I had paid full price. I found myself truly swept up in the emotions and roller coaster ride of Shlomo's story. Good entertainment has a tendency to play on universal themes to be relevant to everyone, Shlomo's struggle to not only find his inner voice, but to buck everything he knew, as well as his parents wishes of what they felt was best for him, to find his inner voice and share that with the world is in essence every man and woman's story!

When a show can make you laugh and cry it has defintely transported you, and Soul Doctor is one appointment you WON'T want to put off!

Team Butterfly holding up signed Soul Doctor Playbill in front of Circle in the Square Theatre in New York City
Team Butterfly, Left: Mama Butterfly and Right: ME! Ascending Butterfly holding up my signed playbill outside Circle in the Square Theatre! Sign reads: Destined to Become a hit on Broadway for Years to Come! May it be so!
Yes Indeed Lovelies, The Doctor is IN!

Will you be going to see Soul Doctor Butterflies? If so, don't forget to come back and sound off here about it! We would love to know what you think! What is your favorite Broadway Show this year Butterflies?

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored Post! No monetary compensation has been received to post pictures or our review of Soul Doctor. Ascending Butterfly editors received complimentary tickets to a performance of Soul Doctor to facilitate our Theatre Review. As life long New Yorkers, our editorial team greatly enjoy Broadway Theatre and enjoy sharing our experiences with our readers. Special Thanks to Culture Mom Media LLC.

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Wanna be @Covrdperfectly? Sure you do! Learn about how this #Butterfly loving designer solves your 'Nothing to Wear' Dilemma

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Covered Perfectly Logo

We are welcoming a very Special Guest Contributer Today, so butterflies please give Pauline Durban, President/Founder of Covered Perfectly a very warm butterfly welcome. (You will want to read this post through for some special goodies for you and a fun Q&A too)

Pauline Durban, President, Founder, Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion
Special Guest Contributer: Pauline Durban, President/Founder of Covered Perfectly

"You know the feeling. You are looking for something to wear to a party, and nothing works. Standing in front of the mirror, with a pile of clothes on the bed, can be the most frustrating experience. But believe me…it’s not you, it’s your clothes!" ~Pauline Durban

I was frustrated because the sleeves were too short to cover that part of my arms that I’d rather not reveal, or the body wasn’t long enough to cover my tummy. It seemed that no one designed clothes for me.

Everyone assured me that I looked great, but ultimately it came down to how I felt about my own body. I wanted clothes that made me feel beautiful and empowered, but it was impossible to find women’s tops that would do the job.

When I discussed this with my friends, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one with this challenge. They were all facing the exact same issues. In fact, I can almost see you nodding your head! I know that you can relate. No doubt, you have had a hard time finding comfortable, stylish clothes as well.

Why should I settle on the dismal styles available? Taking matters into my own hands I began to design a collection of tops made of delicious fabrics, in flattering silhouettes and lovely colors, and of course, featuring pieces that provided perfect coverage.

Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion, Gathered Front Micromodal, Blue
Gathered Front soft luxurious Micromodal Top in Blue

After researching numerous fabrics and blends, my search led me to MicroModal, a natural fabric made from the fiber of the European Beechwood. Breathable, and luxuriously soft, MicroModal is a fabric that will keep you cool, and not just when the weather is warm! Once you feel it on your skin, you will know why this is the main fabric used.

It also was important to me that my designs be made in the USA, and I’m proud to say they are. My line is cut, sewn and beautifully put together for you in sunny Los Angeles!

Covered Perfectly launched in May 2013, offering a dozen designs for every occasion, for every time of day and for every month of the year. At 57, I have started a company that I can be proud of. I’m excited to get my fabulous tops onto all the real women over 40 who also want to be Covered Perfectly!

Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion, Gathered Front Micromodal, Simple Comfort Micromodal, Gray, Animal Print
Left: Simple Comfort Micromodal Top in Gray Right: Gathered Front Micromodal Top in Animal Print

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: (5 Minutes with Pauline and a Peek Behind the Brand!)

(1) Ascending Butterfly is an empowerment community, throughout the years we have queried readers about what butterflies mean to them, I noticed immediately you use a butterfly on your site and in your logo (which of course I love) why a butterfly? What do they represent to you?

Answer: It was important that my logo reflected the idea that women truly become more beautiful with age. The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis that represents both maturity and magnificence. Age isn’t just about wisdom…it’s about beauty on every level! ~Pauline Durban

(2) Your tops definitely take away that 'I have nothing to wear' factor, so what about pants or dresses?

Answer: It’s wonderful that my designs are working for so many women! I absolutely see dresses in the very near future. We have a few designs in the works that could be introduced as early as Christmas. We are also designing a couple of really fun wraps for the colder weather. As far as pants go, I would love to design a really great legging that has the proper thickness and support. Most leggings fall short, and tend not to be an option for the more mature woman. I’m still thinking on that one!

(3) As a relatively new line, what has been your biggest challenges so far? How have you overcome them?

Answer: Starting an online business is like opening a store in the middle of a desert…no one knows it’s there! Finding the right places to promote my line has been the greatest challenge. I’ve worked very hard to find companies that truly care about the business, and see the big picture. In the process, I have met some amazing women who will continue to be a part of this journey. As a result, we have been able to provide a wonderful product, and make it available to the right demographic. It’s a great feeling to have repeat customers…and we have quite a few. It makes it very clear that we are giving women what they want!

(4) In that vein, Fashion and Accessories go hand in hand, any plan to offer Accessories that you design down the line?

Answer: I agree…accessories are very important. As my business continues to grow, anything is possible. For now, I am putting my effort into designing more clothing. It is important for me to be very “hands-on” in developing pieces that really work, and this takes time and care. So, accessories may have to wait for a bit!

(5) Will we see Covered Perfectly in retail stores anytime soon?

Answer: At this time, I have no plans of introducing my line into retail stores, primarily because keeping the prices down for my customers is extremely important to me. By designing, manufacturing and selling directly, I am able to do this. I have been approached by boutique retailers who would like to carry my line, however, for now I’m saying no, but…never say never!

Get Social With It:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ -Follow @Covrdperfectly via Twitter
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ -"Like"  The Covered Perfectly Facebook Page
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Pin with Covered Perfectly via Pinterest too!

Nab a Discount:

Ascending Butterfly subscribers can receive a 20% discount off of their first purchase. Plus, shipping is FREE, both ways. Just use AB20 at checkout at:

Additional Ways to Score: Join the Covered Perfectly Rewards Program + there is a current special for those buying two tops on Facebook, so use the get social section to head over to Covered Perfectly's Facebook Page for more information. So including the exclusive code for Ascending Butterfly you currently have 3 different ways to update your wardrobe at a price that certainly won't break the bank!

What are you waiting for Butterflies, Go nab the softest, coziest Blouse you'll ever wear (Yes I'm wearing them now and will have a full review for you soon!), at a GREAT price, from a woman-owned small business owner, the fact that she loves butterflies like we do, is just a bonus!


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FTC Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Guest Post by a Contributor, Ascending Butterfly enjoys profiling and supporting woman owned businesses. And anyone who loves butterflies as much as we do, is OK with us! See our Full Giveaway & Disclosure Page for full policy information.

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Find out why @ToughCookieMom @thespringmount6 & @kissnewswire are in my #WordlessWednesday from @LegendsNYC! #summersequel

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a twitter party with a live tweet up component? THIS DOES!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Butterflies, be sure to link us to your photos as a comment on this thread so we can visit you too! (No Giveaway links please!)

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored Post! No monetary compensation has been received to post this picture from the tweet up!

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Do you have tired or hot feet or legs? Check out the Soothing Therapy Energize Leg Gel from @thymematernity!

This is NOT a compensated post, see below for Full Disclosure:

Thyme Maternity Logo

This year at Getting Gorgeous I got to meet the lovely team at Thyme Maternity, they gave attendees a really cute scarf, but I picked up something at their table that caught my eye, the Soothing Therapy Energize Leg Gel. It's of course meant for pregnant moms to help soothe their hot and tired feet and legs, but ladies this stuff is heaven in a tube even if you are NOT pregnant! I asked if I could try it out, and thankfully they said yes. I have super flat feet and my legs and feet are always tired and hot post Gym and post subway rides. Anyone that has used the MTA in the summer knows that air conditioning on the platform NEVER happens and sometimes in the train itself you will hit on a car or an entire train that has no air on. And during the summer that's a huge EWW!

The Soothing Therapy Energize Leg Gel comes in a tube packaging. It advises you on the tube that for a more cooling effect you can store this in the fridge, but I can tell you it's cool, soothing and invigorating on it's own for my legs and feet post Gym in a way that I've grown addicted to!

Thyme Maternity, Soothing Therapy, Energizing Leg Gel
Thyme Maternity Soothing Therapy Energizing Leg Gel


The Soothing Therapy Energize Leg Gel comes in Biodegradable Packaging and is NOT tested on Animals!


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Grape Extract - Which stimulates circulation and keeps legs smooth

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Argan Extract - Which tones and helps cell regenerate

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Ivy extract - Which helps reduce swelling


No butterflies, I am NOT a mom and I am NOT pregnant, but I do have hot and tired feet at the end of a long day, and this Gel has certainly been the perfect remedy! I don't store mine in the refrigerator because I find it cooling enough on application on it's own, so for me that extra step hasn't been necessary. I put some on my feet and legs before I go out and it helps keep me cool when it's hot and muggy out, and I love this post gym! So don't be afraid to try something just because it's seemingly intended for an entirely different demographic! Thyme Maternity may cater to moms and moms-to-be, but this is so great post workout I think they should sell this to Gyms, Yoga Studios and Spas!

What is your favorite remedy for hot and tired feet and legs?

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FTC Disclosure: No monetary compensation has been received, Thyme Maternity provided a sample of the Soothing Therapy Energize Leg Gel for editorial consideration. All opinions are 100% my own. See our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional details on our disclosure policy.

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Motivation Monday: The put some new #tech in your step Edition, coverage from the Global Launch of the @LGUSAMobile #LGG2

LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, August 7th 2013, New York City
LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, August 7th 2013, New York City

The most recent Mercury Retrograde wreaked serious havoc on my life. I had more technology and appliances die on me all at once than I could possibly handle replacing! Bananarama isn't the only one singing 'it's a Cruel Summer' this year! The list of things I need to now replace include: my camera (my beloved Olympus has finally bit the big one), my refrigerator (I will admit I got my money's worth with that purchase, but the timing couldn't be worse), my air conditioner (in the middle of a heat wave no less) and last but certainly not least my super old, super reliable, long discontinued Palm Treo 700w! Apparently, the Universe for the past few years has decided to hurtle me head first into immediate and un-expected changes. So there's that.

I could only assume the Universe arranged for an intriguing event invite, The Global Launch of the LG Electronics, Mobile LG G2 smartphone, the first smartphone introduced under the LG's new "G" Series for a reason. When you get a very secretive save the date more than a month in advance of an event in New York City you already know it's something big. As it got closer to the date, speculation did indeed prove right, and last week 700 attendees from over 30 countries converged at the renowned Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City for the Global Launch of this super functional, well-designed device, that pretty much puts your world right in the palm of your hand!

 “We have always listened to and learned from consumers in pursuit of innovation. We took these insights to new heights in developing LG G2, the most exciting and ambitious mobile phone in our company’s history.”  said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of  the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company

The electricity in the room during the presentation was palpable, this is the first time in a long time I didn't see that 'been there, done that, not impressed' look that Media in New York can sometimes have, because in fact, they have probably been there, seen it, and done that. Not. This. Time.

Despite the fact that Gadgets haven't had much love for me lately, I'm still a 100% Tech/Gadget Geek and always will be. My sisters were the 'Fashion plates', me? I'd disappear and could always be found in the Electronics Store. I'm still the one assigned to setting up all the new gadgets, appliances and computers, but during the presentation for the first time ever I actually feared I might have met my device match. I't's that smart!

Right after the presentation we got to hit a huge demo hall with different stations set up and LG folks on hand to run us through each feature, (and yes, "The Official #TwitterPartyDJ" did skip ahead to the music and sound and by the way it will blow you away!), this phone can be used as a Universal Remote, and for those few devices it may not have already programmed into it, you can 'train it' to quickly adapt and and give you the features you need for almost any device and remote you've got. So aside from being a match made in heaven for those of us on the go, it's also oddly a Couch Potato's Fantasy come to life!

LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, August 7th 2013, New York City. Mobile, Cellular
LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, August 7th 2013, New York City, Sign Reads: Designed for secure, one-handed grip

Notable Features of the LG G2:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - New Perspective in Smartphone Design - All the buttons are on the REAR of the device, making it the first smartphone devoid of side buttons. As phones became larger it became harder to operate the side buttons comfortably, particularly with one hand!

LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, LG QuadBeat Earphones,Hi-Fi Sound, Mobile, Cellular, Technology, Tech Product Reviews
LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, Shown in Black and White alongside LG QuadBeat Earphones, this phone delivers true Hi-Fi Sound! August 7th 2013, New York City

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - STUDIO QUALITY HI-FI SOUND - Sorry to shout butterflies, but the sound on this phone, particularly when paired with LG's QuadBeat II EarPhones will simply blow you away!

User Experience (UX) Features that include:

  • Answer Me - Automatically Answers the call and lowers the ringtone volume when the phone is raised to your ear
  • Plug & Pop - Recommends options or related features to choose from when the earphone or USB cable is detected.
  • Text Link - This feature allows information that is embedded in text messages to be selected and saved in a memor or directly to the calendar or searched on a map or the internet, perfect if you are meeting someone at a certain time say a movie theater and you can have that go to your calendar automatically and not have to keep toggling back and forth between your calender, the text and the net to get directions.
  • QuickRemote - Not only can this phone be used to remotely operate multiple devices, it can also 'learn' from conventional remotes and be *customized* to operate multiple devices with flexible layout and keys. I was pretty blown away when I saw that demo'd live!
  • Slide Aside - Multi-task by simply sliding open apps off to the side using a 3 finger swipe
  • Guest Mode - Protect your privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when a guest is holding your phone with a secondary unlock pattern. Great if you are letting the kiddos use your phone or ask a stranger to take a picture for you!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Next Generation LTE - The LG G2 runs on the industry's most advance mobile chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon, a chipset that integrates perfectly with the LG G2 hardware to offer up a very powerful and stable performance.

LG G2 Smartphone Global Launch, LG QuadBeat Earphones,Hi-Fi Sound, Mobile, Cellular, Technology, Tech Product Reviews
Up Close and Personal with the LG G2 at the New York City Global Launch Event!

Key Specs:

  • 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor featuring quad Krait CPU
  • 5.2 inch Full HD IPS Display (1080 x 1920 pixels / 423 ppi)
  • Memory: 32GB / 16GB
  • RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 800 MHz
  • Camera: Rear 13.0 MP with OIS / Front 2.1MP
  • Battery: 3,000mAh
  • OS: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • Size: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm
  • Colors: Black / White
The QuickWindow Case for the LG G2 allows you to check the clock, see Message Notifications, Receive or Reject an incoming call without opening the cover, plays music via a mini window and you can even access screen without screen unlock when opening the cover!

My Take:

The Studio Quality Hi Fi Sound and the near DSLR quality of the camera on this unit are worth the price of admission quite frankly, everything else is on the icing on the cake.

Some of the guys didn't seem to like the buttons on the back, but in my opinion every new device  has a learning curve, and these lady fingers had no trouble with the power and volume being on the back of the unit, I did find the placement made operating it with one hand a bit easier in fact. iPhone is going to have step up it's game BIG time, because there just may be a new sheriff in Phone town! This would honestly save my back from carrying multiple devices everywhere! With the 5.2 inch Full HD Display, efficient energy usage (using GRAM technology) which reduces the energy use of the display by up to 26% and increases overall usage time on the device by 10% + a 3,000mAh battery this bad boy can certainly hold its own, whether it's by your side all day for work or play!

I am definitely waiting on baited breath for a review unit for this one. I'm currently playing with the HTC Radar and I'll post my feedback once I've had more time with it.

Expect the LG G2 to be rolled out in over 130 wireless carriers in the next 8 weeks starting in South Korea, followed by North America, Europe and other key markets (specific dates and price points will vary by region and carrier).

The LG G2 certainly drew a large crowd!

Butterfly, what is your current fave tech toy? Which is your favorite smartphone on the market? (I'm sorely going to miss my Treo!)

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored or Compensated Post, I attended the Global Media Launch of the LG G2, and while we were provided with gift bags, this phone sadly was NOT in them! All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. We were not compensated for sharing our recap coverage or photos of the Global Launch. But if they want to send me the unit to put it through it's paces and see if it can keep up with me and my insane life, I would gladly take them up on it and put it to the test!

Friday, August 9, 2013

I tried out the Carmel Collection, but you get to try what YOU want! Check out our @InBloomLingerie #Blog #Review & #Giveaway!

#Spon: The review items featured were provided to Ascending Butterfly for Editorial Consideration, see below for full disclosure:

In Bloom by Jonquil Logo

One of the things that kept me sane during the nightmare year I had last year in and out the hospital was my favorite loungewear pajamas by In Bloom by Jonquil. All the nurses were obsessed with them, and the doctors would tease that I was too stylish to possibly be a sick patient and that they had the wrong room! I will admit it's more funny now than it was then!

My In Bloom PJ's never let me down, they wash amazingly well and are not showing any signs of fading, pill balls, or wear. Honestly, I would live in them if I could, and they must have had me in mind when they launched their 'Carmel Collection', it's sunny, bright and cheerful and super comfy, but the best part is that you really could wear it all out and no one would know that they are PJ's.

If In Bloom wasn't already on your radar from our glowing reviews, you may have already seen them on some of your favorite TV shows including Hot in Cleveland (which I watch as I think Betty White is fantastic!) and my personal all time favorite show HBO's True Blood (yes I'm a total #Truebie and I'm proud of it!). Intrigued?

I thought so! This is the intimate, loungewear and bridal lingerie designer to watch. I consider them to be the 'Pringles' of PJ's, once you get your first pair, you won't be able to stop. You'll want to add everything they have to your collection, and as you can see by the shows featuring them already, you will be in great company. 

Check out The Carmel Collection:

In Bloom Lounge Carmel Maxi Gown
In Bloom Lounge Carmel Maxi Gown

In Bloom Lounge Carmel Chemise
In Bloom Lounge Carmel Chemise

I was sent the following pieces to try:

In Bloom Lounge Carmel Racerback Top
In Bloom Lounge Carmel Racerback Top

In Bloom Lounge Carmel Lounge Pant
In Bloom Lounge Carmel Lounge Pant

In Bloom Lounge Carmel Tunic
In Bloom Lounge Carmel Tunic

My Take:

I got to try out the Carmel Racerback Top, Lounge Pant and Tunic and this set is definitely another winner, it's super comfortable and the tunic is an absolute perfect cover up to throw over your swimsuit at the Pool or Beach! The Fashionable Frugalista in me loves when pieces can do double duty! I also love the bright summer colors. For me, the place where I feel most at home and at peace and calm is by the Ocean, so I live in bright aqua's, turquoise, and coral colors for summer. This set makes me super happy

Nab a Discount:

Use the code Carmel for $10 off at In Bloom by Jonquil! (Coupon Expires 08/31/13)

Win it:

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The #Smurfs2 @CitiPrivatePass #FamilyFun 'Blue Carpet' NY Screening held @LighthouseIntl #celebs #photobooth & more!

Since I wasn't able to join their super fun screening in Chicago (as I didn't hit BlogHer 13 this year), our pals at The Moms were kind enough to refer us to over a Special 'Blue Carpet' Screening of The Smurfs 2 right here in New York City! The screening was held at Lighthouse International, an organization that is helping to fight vision loss through prevention, treatment and empowerment.

You know Smurfs couldn't walk down a red carpet, so they used a Blue Carpet instead! Smurfs and Celeb guests Christina Ricci, Hank Azaria, and Anthony Edwards enjoyed meeting the press, bloggers and special CitiPass Members who were given special seating at the screening.

My apologies, this was supposed to go up yesterday for our Wordless Wednesday, but despite spending my morning at the Global Launch of the new LG G2, my technology wasn't playing as nice back at the ranch and my scheduled post never launched!

Check out some of the celebs on the Blue Carpet:

Actress Christina Ricci (voice of Vexy) walks the blue carpet at "The Smurfs 2" New York Blue Carpet Screening at Lighthouse International Theater - Photo by Craig Barrit/Getty Images

Hank Azaria (Voice of Gargamel), Hal Azaria and Katie Wright attend "The Smurfs 2" New York Blue Carpet Screening at Lighthouse International Theater - Photo by Craig Barrit/Getty Images

Anthony Edwards attends "The Smurfs 2" New York Blue Carpet Screening at Lighthouse International Theater in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)


Smurfs 2 is the sequel to Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation's hybrid live action/animated family comedy The Smurfs. Evil Wizard Gargamel creates a couple of mischievous Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties that he hopes will help him harness the all-powerful magical 'Smurf-essence'. But he discovers the hard way that only a 'real' Smurf can give him what he wants, and only a secret spell known only by Smurfette can turn the Naughties (Vexy and Hackus) into real Smurfs, so Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to Paris leaving it up to Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity to return to our time and reunite with their human friends Patrick and Grace Winslow and rescue her.


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My Take:

Oddly, I liked this one more than the predecessor! Smurfs 2 is family friendly fun that brings me back to the nostalgia of childhood and the original television series. For those of you that remember, Jonathan Winters was always the voice of Papa Smurf and team butterfly was definitely saddened to hear of his passing.

So Butterflies, have you seen Smurfs 2 yet?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#ad Whether it's a #cocktail #mocktail, or iced Latte, Stay cool, slim & sexy with @Slimfast #SlimFastVeranoSexy

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Slim-Fast, French Vanilla Shake, Cocktail Glass, #SlimFastVeranoSexy Campaign
Un-boxing summer fun! What until you see what this simple box can do!

I bet I know what you are thinking 'But Butterfly, Cocktails = Empty Calories which is not good", am I right? How about if I told you there is a way to still enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail (or mocktail if alcohol/spirits is not your thing) and still keep that sexy summer bikini body you trained for all winter! or at least not look like you are auditioning for the Trailer Choir's 'Rockin' the Beer Gut' video! (super funny by the way!)

Keeping it cool doesn't mean you have to avoid a fun and social time with friends, in fact you may even be the hit of the summer fiesta (party) with these stay cool/stay slim recipes!

Try out these easy recipes and still stick to your favorite Slim-Fast Diet:

Slim-Fast, Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise, Cocktail, Recipe, Rum, Alcohol, Spirits, #SlimFastVeranoSexy
Slim-Fast Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise Recipe (WITH alcohol version)

I will post all these recipes on a Pinterest Board on our Pinterest Page, it will be called #SlimFastVeranoSexy, and you will be able to see all these recipe cards full sized for easy printing! (Sorry my blog template shrinks them so much!). You can press on them to see them full sized also, then just hit the back arrow to come back here and see the rest!

Slim-Fast, Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise, Mocktail, Recipe
Slim-Fast Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise Mocktail Recipe (WITHOUT alcohol version)

If alcohol/spirits are not for you, then try the refreshing mocktail version. You know that with Slim-Fast Shakes you are getting not only great taste, but 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 4 hours of hunger control, making it easy to stick to your plan and achieve your weight loss goals. But obvs with or without alcohol, everything in moderation, OK Butterfly?

#SlimFastVeranoSexy, SlimFast, Sassy Strawberry Colada, Cocktail Recipe, Cocktails, Alcohol, Rum, Strawberries 'N' Cream Shake, Strawberries, Strawberry
Slim-Fast Sassy Strawberry Colada Cocktail Recipe (this is the WITH alcohol version)

As you can probably tell by now, the 'daisy' border is for the recipes using alcohol, and the 'roses' border is for the same recipe without alcohol! I'm a Piña Colada lover so this one definitely went over well with me and my friends!

#SlimFastVeranoSexy, SlimFast, Sassy Strawberry Colada, Mocktail Recipe, Cocktails, Strawberries 'N' Cream Shake, Strawberries, Strawberry
Slim-Fast Sassy Strawberry Colada Mocktail Recipe (WITHOUT alcohol version)

Butterfly I don't know about you, but I love to mix things up, I like to host weekly Wii parties, nothing formal, just friends and family, we love to play dance games, and these cocktails and mocktails both dovetail perfectly with our fitness games and dance fun!

SlimFast, Cinful Iced Latte, Cocktails, Cocktail Recipe, Cappuccino Delight Shake, rum, dark rum, cinammon sugar, #SlimFastVeranoSexy
Slim-Fast Cinful Iced Latte Cocktail Recipe (WITH alcohol version)
This Cinful Iced Latte is equally good without the dark rum, but if you like cocktails like Irish Coffee, this Cinful Iced Latte will definitely be right up your alley! I for one love Mudslides and Brown Cows, so these shakes definitely work in those recipes as well (although what doesn't taste better with Kahlua right?) If you like these you can check out more SlimFast cocktail/mocktail recipes and keep your summer slim and sexy by visiting here:

I made a Slim-Fast Mudslide! All the great taste, less calories, and  vitamins and minerals too, what's NOT to love?

Get Social:

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My Take:

These recipes are definitely helping me to mix things up, and they have gone over well at the weekly Wii party (now I will admit after working up a sweat we sometimes end things with ordering pizzas, but at least we start off right!).

Which Slim-Fast Cocktail or Mocktail is YOUR favorite Butterfly?

Note: Please remember that cocktails are NOT a part of the SlimFast 3-2-1 plan.  Only occasional use recommended. You must be 21+ to consume alcohol and PLEASE drink responsibly. Losing more than 2lbs per week is NOT recommended. Exercise 30 minutes daily and follow the SlimFast plan.

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