Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday! Summer Sandals!

Ascending Butterfly Summer Sandals Review brought to you by:

I am so over Winter! While the forecast is speaking of rain this weekend and more cold weather (is it just me or did that GroundHog lie?), I just want summer already. So in keeping with my 'mind over matter' mentality, I am just going to forecast summer in my mind and in my wardrobe....well, they do say if you build it they will come. So if I start building my summer wardrobe, summer will come right?
My feet make shoe shopping a hassle, I sometimes take different sizes with different brands, my feet tend to lean toward wide width and I have very little built in arch support (i.e. 'flat feet'), and very high insteps, so I take the tried and true advice of shopping in the late afternoon for my shoes. When I actually visit a brick and mortar retail location, that advice usually helps. But like most people, time has become an issue and I do most of my shopping even for shoes, online. This requires online stores with a good return policy, free shipping preferred, and I love shopping with online shoe retailers that include user reviews. Let's face it, if 30 reviews tell you to size up, you generally need to size up. And knowing that before you order truly helps save time and energy!
I have been looking into summer trends to start getting my wardrobe ready. I tend to follow trends in accessories like shoes and bags because I know full well I'm not going through the expense of overhauling my entire clothing wardrobe. I'd prefer to just add a few trends with my accessories which is way more cost effective!
Softspots Women’s Tatianna Shoe

New York City summers are sweltering to say the least and finding a shoe that allows me to keep pace in this 'fast paced' walking city is never easy. I need the shoe to be totally comfortable, for my walk and commute during the week and then be as flexible for running errands on weekends. These are super comfortable (love the pillow top comfort footbed!), they run true to size and allow my feet to breathe in the heat. And I couldn't resist the color, they are not that annoying neon green, they are a perfect green color, great with pretty much anything, love them with my jeans!

Softspots Women’s Ventura in Sport Blue

Softspots Women’s Ventura in Sport Blue

These are such 'IT' Shoes, great bright color, wedge heel (that's not too high, with the perfect stability because of their width), and that amazing Pillowtop comfort footbed. I can stand on these for long blocks at at time and still feel comfortable, and these fit me perfectly even though I have a very high instep. I highly recommend, I have 'trouble/problem' feet and these fit well out the box with no break in required!

Both of these shoes are going to put a spring in my step this summer, hopefully we'll have shoeline back with a giveaway!

It wouldn't hurt to leave a comment letting them know you'd like to add one of these shoes to your summer wardrobe too!
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  1. cute sandals. I love sandal weather, and am always looking for comfy ones without the thong thing that goes between the toes. the ones you show are nice & stylish! thanks for stopping & commenting over by me. I really like your cute blog and am now following & signed up for emails so I don't miss a thing! nice to meet you! ~Faythe @GMT

  2. @Faythe That's so funny you mentioned that! I don't like Thong Sandals either! I'm also not a fan of ultra high heels, which made these perfect for me! And if you are planning on ordering either of them I'd highly recommend shoeline, they arrived super fast and both pairs were true to size!

    ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ