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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The five funniest @elfontheshelf Photos across the interwebs + why the elf now sticks around past the holidays!

Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition
Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition

Earlier this year I got to attend the Niche Parent Network's New York City Meetup at Dylan's Candy Bar hosted by Elf on the Shelf. I got to attend the Niche Parent Conference in it's inaugural year in 2012 (when it was branded as Niche Mommy, here is my recap of that conference in case you missed it: and this year different cities held pre-conference meetups before this year's conference. Since I wasn't able to attend the conference this year, I am glad I had the opportunity to attend the NYC meetup.

As I am not a mom and do not have children, I learned quite a bit about Elf on the Shelf as I was not familiar with the tradition or the company's backstory. Lisa of the blog Atypical Familia is a niche parent ambassador and she coordinated the NYC meetup. In attendance at the meetup was Christa Pitts. Christa, who is the daughter of Carol Aebersold and sister of Chanda Bell who are the co-authors of Elf on the Shelf.  It seems the original story went through quite a bit of rejections before they got a yes, and as an entrepreneur I really enjoyed hearing about how the tradition evolved into a book and how the book and elf are now a part of the holiday tradition in so many homes.

Christa Pitts from Elf on the Shelf
Christa Pitts from Elf on the Shelf

I love this flipagram video that Lisa posted of the event (if you don't blink you will catch ME in the video too!):

Throughout the years I have seen some funny Elf photos on the internet and I couldn't resist sharing a few here!

Here are five super funny Elf on the Shelf Photos from across the interwebs:

She poops peppermints, gotta love it! (Via Flickr)

Chug! Chug! Chug! (Via Flckr)

Maybe the peppermint poops are cuter, LOL! (Via Flckr)

The Sons of Anarchy Edition! LOL (Via Flckr)

Gotta keep fit for all the Elf on the Shelf Hijinx! (Via Pinterest)

But wait there's MORE:

Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition
Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition

Elf on the Shelf now has a Birthday Tradition! There is a book which outlines the little-known story of how Santa's helpers celebrate birthdays at the North Pole and each kit includes instructions for inviting your scout elf for a birthday visit as well as a festive birthday outfit. There is also a Birthday Countdown and Game and the Birthday Chair Decoration Kit too!

Group photo of bloggers at the #NicheParent14 Elf on the Shelf New York City Meetup
Group photo of bloggers at the #NicheParent14 Elf on the Shelf New York City Meetup

My Take:

When I was younger we used Advent Calendars to countdown to Christmas. It seems like the Elf is taking over, and with all the hilarious hijinx the elf can get into I can see where kids really have fun with it. The possibilities are pretty much endless! I may have to bring mine out for some holiday wine tasting!

Where is your Elf on the Shelf right now butterfly?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my butterflies a very Merry Christmas! A day filled with magic, surprises and beautiful memories. As this time last year I was fighting for my life in a hospital emergency room waiting for a bed after having been told I might not even see 2012 begin nevertheless end, this year, I'm grateful just to be home for the holidays!

In case you missed yesterday's post, I was sharing my favorite holiday tradition, I hope you will sound off and share yours as well!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

What is YOUR Favorite Holiday Tradition? {w/#Photos}

Remember when I mentioned in my December 12th Wordless Wednesday: The Rockefeller Center Holidays 2012 Edition {#Photos} #NewYorkCity that I purposely left one photo from that day out? There was a reason I was holding back on posting that photo which will be revealed today!

One of my favorite holiday traditions was visiting the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City with my Mom! We would usually go to Radio City and then go see the tree! This year I got to visit the Tree twice, once with my mom and also since I was nearby the night of the lighting itself when I left the Hispanicize New York City Meetup.

Aside from our tradition of opening up one present at midnight, seeing the tree is my favorite holiday in New York City traditions!

Here is a picture of me and Mama Butterfly when I was little visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:

Left: Mama Butterfly Right: A very young Ascending Butterfly at Rockefeller Center in New York City
And here is us THIS year:

Left: Ascending Butterfly Right: Mama Butterfly in a nearly identical spot in 2012!
And here is one of me when I was little opening up one gift at midnight:

A very young Ascending Butterfly opening up a gift on Christmas Eve! (See even when I was little I liked red, check out my house-slippers!)

  What is YOUR favorite holiday tradition butterfly?

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