Friday, October 2, 2009

Ascending Butterfly Book Club Returns! October Book Club Title: 'America Libre' by Raul Ramos y Sanchez - Enter to win an Autographed Copy!

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Enter to win an Autographed Copy of America Libre

The Ascending Butterfly book club took a one month hiatus, and is now back in full force! Not only are we back, we are back with an Autographed Copy, and we are back with a page turning title!


Time: The second decade of the twenty-first century. As the immigration crisis reaches the boiling point, once-peaceful Latino protests explode into rioting. Cities across the nation are in flames. Anglo vigilantes bent on revenge launch drive-by shootings in the barrios, wantonly killing young and old. Exploiting the turmoil, a congressional demagogue succeeds in passing legislation that transforms the nation’s teeming inner-city barrios into walled-off Quarantine Zones. In this chaotic landscape, Manolo Suarez is struggling to provide for his family. Under the spell of a beautiful Latina radical, the former U.S. Army Ranger eventually finds himself questioning his loyalty to his wife—and his country.

Would you like a sneak peak?

The author has generously placed chapter one on his site, you can read the first chapter of America Libre HERE.


A Statement By The Author

Could it happen here?

When I began writing America Libre in 2004, some thought the book’s premise was unrealistic. An uprising by Hispanics? The idea seemed far-fetched, they said. Today, as the rhetoric over immigration grows more heated, the skeptics are no longer so certain. I posed the nightmare scenario of America Libre as a wake up call to the dangers of extremism—on both sides of this explosive issue. Illegal immigration is a hotly debated topic. Yet it is only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next decade, three other factors will prove equally significant. Some of the volatile conditions presented in America Libre have already surfaced. I hope my abilities as a prophet end here. But the potential for a widespread conflict lurks behind every escalation of our current war of words.


This book already has the imagination of many readers thinking 'big screen', myself included. The writing really paints the full picture. You feel like you are there. You want to be there! You are yelling at the characters, you are warning them, and this is just with the book! Can you imagine the reactions in the theater? I've read many books both before and after they have become a feature film, with very few did I find myself caring so much about the casting. In this case however, I do.  The author must have anticipated this because there is a chance to play Hollywood Casting agent on the site, allowing you to pick which person in hollywood should play which character from the book. So after you finish this title, head over and vote, play hollywood casting agent for a day HERE. (I've often thought I'd make a great casting agent!)

Now I will say, some of the choices posted so far I can see, others I can't but I do know who should play the character named 'Nesto', anyone who watches the cable television series 'Weeds' will agree that Guillermo Díaz who portrays character Guillermo García Gómez on the show would make a perfect Nesto! If anyone can pull off street smart, wily and with a sly sense of humor, it's him!

I can't get enough of talking about this book, and the book has a very interesting 'Reading Group Guide' I'd love to discuss some of the topics in the guide, and will post a new topic each week!

This week's Topic: Characters

1) Who Was Your Favorite Character? Why?
2) Who Was Your Least Favorite Character? Why?
3) What emotions drove Mano's conversion from loyal citizen to insurgent?
4) Do you think Mano's actions were immoral? Why or Why Not?
5) Under the same circumstances as Mano, what would you have done differently?
6) How did Mano's view of their rebellion differ from the views of Jo and Ramon?
7) What experiences ultimately radicalized Rosa?
8) Do you think Rosa's reaction to her predicament differed from that of a mainstream American Woman? If so, How?

I would love to hear from you! Please post your answers to these questions in this thread. This thread will serve both as a discussion guide for those reading along, as well as the place to leave your entries for the book.


WIN IT! - 1 reader will receive an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the book.

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  1. I am a follower and after reading the first chapter - I definitely want to read more. I feel like this book would really delve into the issue of immigration and make me reconsider my feelings on the topic!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  2. The "Rio Grand Incident" was intense. The author does a great job portraying a cop in a mob scene. Scary! Would like to read more. Kristie, kristie2 at

  3. i am a follower. I read the first chapter. I liked it how they started throwing the bottles on the hummer and in the end 23 people lay dead. I want to read more it sounds like a great book.

  4. * Follow me @Tracy_Iglesias on Twitter (this is ascendingbutterfly’s editor) and give me your twitter ID in a comment
    my twitter id is rb109972

  5. * Tweet about this giveaway and leave the URL in a comment. (you can do this DAILY)

  6. * Follow the author on Twitter HERE
    my twitter is rb109972

  7. After reading the first chapter I definitely want to read the book and yes,I do think that this could happen.

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  9. Technorati fav. jelly15301 --

  10. Author facebook follower. jelly15301 --

  11. America Libre facebook follower. jelly15301 --

  12. I am a follower and I read the first chapter. i can't wait to win it so i can find out what happens!

  13. Fiction...I keep telling myself that this is fiction.

  14. I follow on google friend connect-packerfantimmy. I will be totally honest and admit that i did not read the first chapter as I just found this while googling the book because an aunt of mine who is a high school principal recommended it and I was looking for where to purchase it. From what I am told, the storyline is very gripping and will definately have me thinking about life in America from a Hispanic view, which I feel is very important in this day.

  15. The first chapter was very gripping in its description of the Rio Grand Incident and the aftermath. The Latino resentment boiled over into violence and the American response to it makes you wonder if it could happen in real life. Remember the black resentment in the 60's and the resulting riots.

  16. Chapter one of the book was very interesting. I look forward to reading the rest of it!

  17. I voted for you on Fuel My Blog.

  18. I follow the author on Facebook.