Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009 - Today's Words of Inspiration and THREE giveaways!

Root, Root, Root For the Home Team!

As a NY based Blogger, I can't help but get caught up in talks about 'the games' and 'the team'. It's made me think a bit about expectations, and how much they can hinder as well as help.

Sometimes our own expectations of ourselves, of our performance, of our work, of our writing or art can be so much higher and un-realistic than anything expected of us by others.

What do you expect of yourself? of your life? of your work? Are you where you thought you'd be by now?

Did you answer 'NO!' to any of the questions above? To that I say 'SO WHAT!' Yes, you heard me 'SO WHAT'. Take a lesson from Baseball and from it's best players 'Just play the game'.

Just like players can only improve with practice, your life can only improve by the thoughts you put on it, the way you live it. You are in your own personal play-offs each and everyday. Rise to the challenge, things will get better if you are only willing to 'play the game'.

Use 'Today's Words of Inspiration' as a breathing meditation to still your mind, quiet your thoughts and bring in positive energy. As you inhale bring in only positive energy by saying in your mind, I breathe in positive energy (or you can say creative energy if that is what you wish to create more of) and as you exhale, Affirm out loud today 'I am a major league success in every area of my life.' (And you will be, if you say like you mean it!)

Spend some time each day enjoying focused breathing AND soul guided meditative visualization, in doing so, you can bring about amazing, profound and powerful changes in your life.

Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by universal forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Do this at least twice today and see how by taking a moment away from the hectic pace and breathing in positive energy and affirming what you wish to create, your thinking will become different.

Remember, attitude really does determine altitude.

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Make this your best day ever, Bless and Be Blessed!

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