Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - Today's Words of Inspiration and THREE giveaways!

Avoiding the Road Blocks

There are many roadblocks to 'spirit connectedness', you yourself, being the biggest one. While the world both personal and professional are both wrought with distractions, the key to a better outside, is connecting with what's important on the inside. Stillness, 'centered-ness' and focused breathing are the best ways to get there.

RING! RING! RING! What is that now? The telephone? The doorbell? Your Cell Phone? Turn them off, tune them out. Ignore this advice at your peril! Whether it's in the morning or at night (I say preferably BOTH) carve out some time for focused breathing. I'm not saying sit cross legged on the floor and let your mind wander until you levitate so high your head hits the ceiling! If you could do that yourself you probably wouldn't be here! Focused Breathing (and Meditative Breathing) are not asking you to change your breathing pattern, just use it to help clear your mind of clutter and use it to 'program' your day ahead, use it to program your dreams at night. Just don't breathe shallow and end up hyperventilating or passing out on me!

Let's begin with a simple focused breathing program word 'centered'. Take a SLOW, full deep breath, as you are inhaling say in your mind 'I am centered'.  Note I am not asking you to hold this breath, as you exhale say in your mind or out loud if you choose 'I release all obstacles to my success'. Do this upon waking up in the morning. Do this on your way out the door. Do this again at Lunch when your inbox resembles a mountain and you find that you are clenching your teeth so tight your jaw actually hurts. Do this before a meeting and you'll find it will turn out much less stressful for you. If you forget do it right after the meeting before you try to tackle the 'action items' discussed.

At night, use your focused breathing to program your dreams. Just before turning in, Take a SLOW, full deep breath, as you are inhaling say in your mind 'My dreams are empowering' (or blissful, or peaceful). Note I am not asking you to hold this breath, as you exhale say in your mind or out loud if you choose 'I release today's stress allow my thoughts and dreams to soothe me.'

Use 'Today's Words of Inspiration' as a breathing meditation to still your mind, quiet your thoughts and bring in positive energy. As you inhale bring in only positive energy by saying in your mind, I breathe in positive energy (or you can say creative energy if that is what you wish to create more of) and as you exhale, Affirm out loud today 'I will no longer be the roadblock to my own success.'

Spend some time each day enjoying focused breathing AND soul guided meditative visualization, in doing so, you can bring about amazing, profound and powerful changes in your life.

Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by universal forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Do this at least twice today and see how by taking a moment away from the hectic pace and breathing in positive energy and affirming what you wish to create, your thinking will become different.

Remember, attitude really does determine altitude.

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Make this your best day ever, Bless and Be Blessed!

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